Friday Funny: How long could you survive on a desert island?

by Jules on September 13, 2013

Inject a little humour into your Friday with this nifty quiz; How Long Could You Survive After A Plane Crash On A Desert Island?

Imagine you’ve been stranded on a desert island with only your fellow passengers for company and your only survival skills have been learnt from watching reruns of Bear Grylls on cable TV! Spend a few minutes on this fun quiz.

Through a series of 13 challenging questions, the quiz will rate your ability to cope in the wild.

For instance, what survival experience do you have;  are you a budding Ray Mears/Bear Grylls/ Daniel W. Shrigley (take your pick of the experts) or do you squeal like a girl when you spot a teeny-weeny spider in the bath?!

Warning! The quiz does get a little gross with the question about drinking your own urine! My fingers would be crossed in the hope of the desert island having a waterfall, or at the very least a stream running with fresh water. If it does come down to it though, you can rest assured that intrepid explorer Bear Grylls has already tried it – remember the scene in Man v Wild where he urinated on his own t-shirt and squeezed the delicious nectar-like liquid into his mouth?! Might come to it. Just saying.

And to really quiz you on your survival instincts, what would you construct from bamboo shoots, leaves, coconuts and a frog (rather bizarrely)? Maybe you’ll plump for the sensible option of a sheltered hammock (hint hint) or get all eco and built a house for the frog.

And when all 13 questions are submitted you get your result, and, drum roll, I would survive for 3 measly days on a desert island – boo hoo! If your result is less shameful than mine you can share it with your mates on Twitter and Facebook or just sit sobbing in the corner.

Man up! Click on the tombstone below to take the quiz now!

I survived for 3 days on a desert island! How long could you survive?

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