Goa: What’s It Got Going for It?

by Jules on August 21, 2013

When considering your summer holiday options for 2014, you may not have even considered Goa. When you think of exotic destinations in India and beyond, you may think that visiting them would be more of a pipedream than reality. Luckily, Goa flights are more affordable than you think, with many cheap flights available throughout the year so that you can see exactly how beautiful the smallest state in India really is.

Confirming your plans to visit Goa can’t just rely on affordability though – any prospective visitor needs to know what’s in store and why they should bother visiting at all. Here are some of the top reasons.

The Beaches

You will think that you’re castaway on some exotic island when you step foot on the Goa beaches. With its white sands and azure waters, you’re in for a real treat.

The Culture

Lively, vibrant and diverse is what it’s all about in Goa. From the Sand Art Festival in December to the Bonderam Festival in August, culture is rife and free-flowing throughout the year.

The Climate

While the monsoon season may not be recommended due to the increased occurrence of storms, Goa offers incredible sunshine and a warm climate for the majority of the year – perfect for bronzing the bod while appreciating the rich culture on offer.

The Watersports

From waterskiing to scuba diving, there’s watersports aplenty in Goa, where the Arabian Sea welcomes visitors with open arms. Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve tried watersports before, there’ll be something for every water enthusiast. If you don’t really want to get your feet wet, watching from the sands is just as rewarding.

The Affordability

Ok, so it’s undoubtedly cheaper to spend a week in the Costa del Sol than jetsetting off to Goa but once you’re there, you’ll be spending very little. Try local dishes and non-premium drinks and you can keep your purse happy, too.

Holidays to Goa aren’t just dreams that will never come true – it’s entirely possible, whenever you choose to fly.

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