5 Ways to See the World

by Jules on August 14, 2013

Wanderlust – the desire to travel – is a common itch for many people all over world. There are many ways to achieve this apart from the conventional and accustomed method of travelling by air. Think about the 5 alternative methods below and if they could enhance the experience of your trip and potentially save you money also.


Getting places by train is an often forgotten means of transport for many people who overlook the hospitable service they provide. Enjoying remarkable sights out of the window, with the luxury of on-board refreshments and toilets, can take the stress away from long-distance travel. I don’t think there are many better holidays and journeys than the Orient Express

For travelling Europe, the continent can be reached with the Eurostar from London via the Channel Tunnel. A Euro Rail pass can then allow you to visit various European stations at a low cost within a certain amount of time. There are plenty more distinguished train lines both in the UK and abroad that can be taken advantage of as a more effective way to observe unfamiliar backdrops.


Taking a cruise remains a popular luxury for many holidaymakers. There is no boundary to where cruises can take route, with excursions on land only increasing the plentiful options available to travellers. From the North Pole in the Arctic to islands in the Caribbean, there are cruises to suit every desire and every budget from providers such as Cruise1st.

On-board entertainment and facilities on cruise liners have improved to the point where simply being on-board is like a holiday in itself. Traditional activities associated with cruise ships such as bingo, on-stage entertainment and casinos have been complemented with outdoor swimming pools, mini golf courses and tennis courts.


Travelling by coach may not be the ideal scenario for everyone but is recommended for people on a budget, especially if booking in advance. Services in the UK can be found at some great prices, much cheaper than a train fare or petrol costs. Overseas, the famous Greyhound service is a recommended service to use, with comfortable seats, air con, toilets and regular stops in place.

Specialist coach/bus tours can be an enjoyable and informative way to see sights and famous landmarks all over the world. Preparing information yourself about the route can also make the journey more interesting. Remember to take plenty of water and food for longer journeys however.


For the fitness enthusiasts out there, biking your way from destination to destination will give an unrivalled and personal close-up view of some of the world’s top attractions. Of course, travelling by bike will require careful planning and an appetite for a challenge along the way.

When picking out a destination for a biking trip, think carefully about the accessibility of any particular attractions, the terrain to be encountered and which type of bike is most suitable. If planned vigilantly however, bike holidays provide a superb way to stay fit and healthy whilst taking in some fantastic sights.

Hot Air Balloon

One of the less thought of methods to see the world is via a hot air balloon ride. Witnessing beautiful sceneries from high vantage points is a unique and breathtaking experience.

Rides can be taken in all sorts of places, from cities in the UK all the way over to huge African landscapes. If you have an interest in iconic buildings or exotic animals, using a hot air balloon will provide a viewpoint of these sights from unparalleled positions.

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