What’s the craze with SUP?

by Jules on June 27, 2013

In scoping out the nation’s hot wave-riding locations, a mega trend seems to be infiltrating the surf-dominated water. Stand Up Paddle boarding is currently one of the fastest growing watersports among surfing and non-surfing crowds alike. Is the sport replacing surfing as the most radical and fitness-oriented way to crush waves? Not at all! However, there are a few reasons that SUP has exploded in popularity as a fantastic addition to the travel scene. Truly, nothing can match the sublime euphoria of cruising inland cradled by the arching cascade of a beautiful curl, hands free to skim the side of your sparkling blue vehicle. You have to admit, though, that there are perks to SUP-style adventuring. Here are the highlights of a few:

Get Ripped: Whether you surf regularly or not, core strength is crucial to success as an athlete. Most Olympic athletes, regardless of sport, condition their core muscles with weight training or Pilates. SUP is an amazing way to build your core muscle groups in order to help your form, precision and endurance when you experience real waves. Lots of surfers use SUP boarding as an awesome way to stay in the water and condition on non-surfing days. You might be surprised at how much a supplementary activity can help you better conquer the sport you love best. Work those abs!

Scenery: The origin of SUP boarding actually comes from sightseeing. The first paddle boarders used the technique to capture surf-worthy scenery on film while keeping camera equipment stable and dry. Standing upright on a board with a paddle is a great way to experience the beauty of natural landscapes where surfing and even hiking aren’t possible. SUP boarding can allow you the tranquility of sightseeing as a happy medium between surfing and paddling inside a boat. The shorelines of great watersports attractions feature some of the most breathtaking hidden coves. Sometimes, the best sights are only reachable though still surrounding waters. Get on a board and paddle your way to adventure.

Flat Days: The amazing thing that many boarders love about SUP is its flexibility with regard to water conditions. Waiting around for days for the perfect afternoon of ride-worthy swells can be boring and exhausting. The clock ticks while you wait for perfect waters. While surfing waves can be totally dependent on weather, wind and many other factors, SUP boarders can find a great time and awesome workout, rain or shine.

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