Florida Family Holidays

by Jules on June 24, 2013

Organising a holiday for the whole family means taking into account the needs of a range of age groups and making sure that there is plenty to do for everyone. This can mean more than simply picking a reliably sunny beach location for your destination, as it can also dictate what kind of accommodation you want to stay in as much as where you want to go.

Florida is a popular choice for many families as the long haul trip makes for a great all round adventure and once at your destination there is plenty of choice as to how you spend your time. Although the standard of hotels is second to none, there are also a huge range of Florida Villas to choose from. For many families, this is a great solution that means your whole extended group in under one roof and you can arrange your schedule around what fits best.


The nickname of the “Sunshine State” isn’t just given to Florida on a whim, as it is the warmest state in the whole of the US with an average daily temperature of 70°F. This is because the climate is subtropical, giving rise to the impressive coastline of the Florida peninsula which includes the Everglades: one of the most famous national parks in the USA.

The coastline is over 1,300 miles long with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. As the land is generally low lying, the water dominates the life and culture of the region, meaning it is a perfect holiday destination for anyone looking to enjoy activities ranging from ocean bound fishing to exploring the inland swamps and waterways.


Choosing to stay in one of the many Villas means that you are perfectly placed to visit the world famous attractions of Florida. Possibly the most well known of all of these is Walt Disney World Resort. It isn’t just something for the kids to enjoy either, as the major rides and attractions in the park offer an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Other major attractions in the area include the Universal and MGM film studios, where film fans can learn the secrets of some of the world’s most famous productions.


The centre of activity is the city of Orlando, as all the major attractions are either there or in easy reach. It is nicknamed “The City Beautiful” and is famous for the International Drive strip, a consumerist paradise that features malls and outlets that will be heaven to those who like to do a bit of shopping while on holiday.

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