Top 5 Bars To Discover In Montreal

by Jules on June 20, 2013

Montreal is known for its vibrant nightlife and its great variety of bars. In fact, there are so many fun places to go out at night that you might have a hard time picking one up! To help you out, here are my suggestions of 5 underground bars in Montreal that are worth being discovered.

The Velvet Nightclub

If you haven’t been to this very chic and select nightclub yet, now would be the time. The Velvet nightclub, located in the Old Montreal, is one of the best addresses in town. Put on your best suit or dress – because the crowd is very “fashionable” – and go dance to the rhythms of the best DJs, in a décor that changes monthly. The Velvet is not only known for its incomparable ambiance, but also for its fancy, unique cocktails.

Velvet Nightclub
420 St-Gabriel Street
Montreal, Quebec

Big In Japan

The best kept secret in town. You really have to know where you’re going, because Big in Japan’s entrance is well hidden. Right on one of the busiest boulevards of Montreal – St-Laurent, the main – you’ll see an industrial looking door, covered with graffiti, that doesn’t look like much of anything. But there are three minuscule Japanese signs on its window, the only thing indicating that this door is the bar’s entrance. Once inside, after walking a long corridor, you’ll find yourself in a cozy, candle-lit place. A definite must.

Bar Big in Japan
3723 St-Laurent Blvd
Montreal, Quebec

Quai Des Brumes

This bar is legendary: Mythic Quebec band “Lec Colocs” played their first gig and started their career there. Ever since, this warm, cozy, all-wood bar presents shows several times a week. You can make great musical discoveries, while relaxing, chatting and enjoying a fresh brew. A Montreal classic – ideal for a winter week night.

Quai des Brumes
4481 St-Denis Street
Montreal, Quebec

Dieu Du Ciel

Quebec is known for its microbreweries. There are over 3000 different beers made in the Province, by over 1000 different microbreweries. The Dieu du Ciel brewery is one of the biggest and most important. They offer a wide variety of delicious beers that will definitely please all tastes. Their bar, located right between two of the hippest neighborhoods of Montreal, Le Plateau and Mile-End, is always packed with cheerful people.

Dieu du Ciel
29 Laurier Street West
Montreal, Quebec

Le Lab

So, here, we’re talking about the art of cocktail brought to a whole new level. The bartenders at Le Lab do not call themselves bartenders, but “mixologists” – and, quite frankly, just watching them work is fun in itself. Le Lab serves over 800 cocktails, and some of them have fancy, promising names such as “Raspberry cheesecake”, “Baby Dragon” or “Tiger Thai”. Located right across the street from the beautiful Parc Lafontaine, this small bar may seem quiet from the outside, but be sure you’ll find an explosion of fun and flavors on the inside.

LAB, Comptoir à cocktails
1351 Rachel East
Montréal, Québec

Caroline Simpson is a writer, a translator and a travel addict who’s always looking for ways to make life easier. She works as a freelance blogger for Tourism Montreal, an organization that helps travelers find the hotels recommendations in Old Montreal.

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