Croatia’s Best Secret Beaches

by Jules on June 16, 2013

Tourists flock to Croatia on holiday every year to enjoy its stunning coastline dotted with more than 1,000 islands, but there’s no reason why you can’t find a little corner of it for yourself. Away from the large resorts on the mainland and some of the more well-known islands, there are areas with numerous small beaches ready to be found.

Iconic beaches such as Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac cater to those who want to see and be seen. Meanwhile there are hidden coves perfect for escaping the crowds. Read on for suggestions of Croatia’s best kept secrets when it comes to sand, sea and seclusion.

Supetar, Brac

On the northern side of the island, far away from Zlatni Rat is the peaceful oasis of Supetar. This horseshoe-shaped piece of coast is home to a number of beaches, which never attract the attention of tourists in the same way as their southern rivals.

Vlacica and Banj are particularly pretty with the white pebbles giving way to a backdrop of pine forest. Here visitors can swim in tranquil waters so clear that the stones below remain visible.

Plat, mainland Croatia

Dubrovnik is often the ultimate destination for many planning a holiday to Croatia, but by travelling a little further beyond the famous walled city, visitors will find the quiet oasis of Plat. It is located between Cavtat and Mlini not far from the border with Bosnia Herzegovina.

This area has been dominated by agricultural and fishing industries for years, but is now opening up to tourists looking for somewhere special. There are several bays to choose from, making it easy to escape other visitors with some pebbly ones and others sandy.

Zavala, Hvar

Away from the popular tourist haunt of Hvar town with its glitzy marina, there are a number of spots on Hvar Island that are less well explored. One such area is Zavala on the southern coast, which appears totally untouched by humankind.

To get to it visitors must navigate local roads and a 1,400-metre tunnel so narrow that traffic lights operate to allow those travelling from either end to take it in turns to pass through. Alternatively Zavala can be reached by motorboat from Hvar town, but this takes around two hours.

Among the beautiful beaches found here is Petrascica, complete with a cave, a small bar where freshly caught fish is served and plenty of space to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Sveti Ivan, Cres

With so many Croatian islands to choose from, it is not hard to get away from the hordes simply by journeying further away from the mainland. Applying this principle you may find yourself on the island of Cres.

To remove yourself yet one step further choose a beach that is harder to get to than most and you are almost guaranteed seclusion. Sveti Ivan is reached by a 45-minute walk from the clifftop above. This has the added benefit of allowing you to look down and admire the spectacular view of your destination.

This immaculate beach is particularly good for snorkelling as there are a large variety of fish species found there. It is situated to the south west of Cres town near the historic settlement of Lubenice, where delicious wine, cheeses and hams can be purchased.

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