Guide to The World’s Biggest Buddhist Monument: Borobudur Indonesia

by Jules on May 4, 2013

Java in Indonesia is the home of the biggest Buddhist monument in the world – Borobudur. Built in the 9th century, Borobudur is a Mahayana Buddhist monument located in Magelang in Central Java. Resplendent with a total of 2,672 highly decorated panels and 504 statues of Buddha, the opulent monuments features three circular platforms atop square platforms. The main dome is on top of the central platform and is flanked by 72 statues of Buddha.

Thick carved stone make up the town whilst lush green vegetation and many volcanoes make up the beautiful Indonesian landscape. There are also a great number of galleries and museums within Java. Central Java is home to one of the most famous Buddhist temples – Borobudur – where the high peaks and dome structures give off an oriental flair.

The Buddhist Temple Borobudur situated in Indonesia is representative of a monument for Buddhists. This temple is a spectacular sight with over five hundred statues of Buddhist of the past. This temple consists of Indian architecture built called Gupta. The word Gupta comes from the word ‘goptri’, which means a military governor. This shrine was built as an honour for Lord Buddha that offers the Buddhist religious individuals a place of reflection and worship.

Buddhist temples offer Buddhist a place of refuge. The temple is a magnificent place built over 100 years from beginning to end. The many terraces give the temple its dimensions and meaning. The bottom is made up of six square shaped terraces while the upper terraces are circular. These different levels of terraces represent the stages of human life for the Buddha people. The bottom level represents individuals that are still searching for and enjoying life and lust. After spending time on the bottom terrace, the Buddhist will advance all the way to the top, spending time reflecting.

The different floors contain architecture and sculptures that explain the story legend of Ramayana. The educational temple helps Buddhist to understand and accept a new way of life and understanding of one’s self. Portions of the temple are underground. It is suspected that the Merapi volcano eruption at one time caused swamps to fill and the bottom portion to be underground.

Indonesia is a combination of mountains and flat lands that are very heavily occupied with a Chinese heritage. Dutch colonial architecture and landmarks are numerous in the little towns. The Javanese pilgrims honour and worship one of the nation’s Mausoleums. Tourist and locals come to enjoy one of the royal festivals. The historic villagers express their culture and traditional values by the decorations and vast colours of the area.

Indonesia has just been voted a must-visit dream destination and there is plenty to see and do. Central Java is also home to one Volcano called Mount Merapi. The lush green hills and beautiful views give way to sights of extraordinary lowlands and seaports. Many of the town’s residents are famous for wood carvings. Gift stores and shopping areas throughout the smaller towns hold many different treasures of the culture. The nightlife and restaurants are plentiful. Cultural atmospheres and cuisines are situated down the beautiful and historic streets of town. The beautiful city of Java, Indonesia is full of history, culture and breathtaking panoramic views for any visitor to enjoy.

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