English courses with Maltalingua; Score a language holiday in Malta

by Jules on April 4, 2013

It hasn’t yet been a year since the Maltalingua English Language School was created, a wonderful school for improving English. It is rare to find a school on the Maltese islands that is owned and run by English people. In fact, it has rapidly increased dynamic with its greatly skilled group of British educators. Classrooms hold a maximum capacity of 12 people. The ones attending express that Maltalingua motivates them and that the teachers pay great attention to each and every one of them. The school can be found in St. Julian which is near Valletta, the main city of Malta. The location is very advantageous due to it being next to the coast, therefore being a famous goal for tourists and locals. In fact Maltalingua classes happen less than one hundred meters from the shoreline and the facilities are very advanced. Some of the perks are a huge terrace at the roof, free wireless internet and swimming polls for all attending to the courses.

Best choices with understandable prices for accommodation consist of staying with a Maltese family, apartments with roommates and native hotels. Maltalingua is willing to provide assistance with everything including simple and complicated issues with separate purposes as far as the language learning goes. The standard course lasts half day every day ensuring that the evening belongs to the students for them to have fun, relax and search the island. There are also more advanced courses which include thirty lessons each week, for those that are more serious about their English and are interested in a business approach. This includes preparation for exams and private tutoring.

Of course we could not forget the different activities for students organized by the employees such as tours around Malta with focus on its cultural aspects and possible visits to the island of Gozo. In most cases tutors and teachers also attend these activities and give the students a chance to show what lingual skills they’ve acquired through the course.

Currently there is a competition there you’ll be interested in if you’re into chocolate and Malta. It has to do with the famous Maltesers chocolate. An image with a container filled with Maltesers appears and you have to manage to guess how many pieces are inside to win two weeks in Malta. For more details regarding the competition and how to participate click here.

The courses often include special offers on their website, www.maltalingua.com.

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