The Brazilian Amazon

by Jules on March 1, 2013

The alluring thought of the endless lush forest flourishing with magnificent biodiversity captivates my mind when I imagine the amazing Amazon. The Amazon rain forest is a one of a kind journey into the natural wonders of Brazil.

Discover the Amazon and explore the vast and amazing rain forest of Brazil!

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The Amazon contains the largest percentage of free-flowing freshwater found on the planet! The vast size and amazing collection of magnificent flora and fauna found in the Amazon is only to be captured in legend. That is you must see it to believe it! From weaving vines, swinging monkeys across the canopy and orchids at the forest floor, your eyes will begin to wander at the sight of majestic nature. If you are like me, the sight of sloths, toucans and bright red macaws will keep you entertained for days on end! There are many options to stay within the Jungle Lodges spread across the region not far from Manaus Eco-lodges provide a unique opportunity to stay in the thick of it all. What’s even better? The lodges come in an array of options that allow you to choose the best amenities to suit your needs, from pools, air-conditioned comfort and modern telephones to the “rougher” alternative of authentic discovery. When you are near Manaus, be sure to plan a trip to the sight of two great rivers coming together to form the Amazon River, the second largest in the world. The black waters of the Rio Negro meets the clay hue of the Rio Solimoes is named the “Meeting of Waters,” and remains a highlight within a journey to the Amazon.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the rainforest is an excursion into the wild. Enjoy the many adventurous activities that make a memorable experience into the amazon, such as bird watching, piranha fishing, caiman spotting or a walk through traditional Amazonian villages. Another fantastic way to complete the journey is with a three or six day cruise into the heart of the Amazon. Witness the wonders of the rainforests from a boat! The private cabins and showers, air-conditioning, sun deck and library make for an exciting excursion. An English speaking guide on-board makes this option an intimate setting aboard small twenty-person passenger boats. Be sure to take advantage of the chance to board a canoe and explore the smaller tributaries to experience daily life on the flood plains with houses on slits and floating docks. Perhaps you would like to step outside the boat and roam along the forest floor. I recommend the excursion that takes you picking delicious delights off the Brazilian nut and fruit trees. But for those of you who are here to witness the wildlife, I suggest you visit the giant water lily-pads, check out animal spotting adventures to get up close to nighthawks, alligators, sloths and snakes or you can test your luck with exciting piranha fishing!

The Royal Olympic cruise line offers an excursion to the Amazon basin with the unique experience of witnessing it all from the water. Another line, the Abercrombie Kent is a first-class cruise option with multi-day trips that take you from Manaus all the way to Iquitos. Along the way, this particular line offers excursions on tiny Zodiacs that allow you to get up close and personal with the sights of the rainforest. If you are like me and feel the call to a rainforest adventure, take one of the operators from Manaus for journeys up to 2 weeks and longer! This great escape can be experienced first by plane then from the narrowing Rio Negro from the deck of a speeding boat. At this point, you will want to explore the northern peaks of Pico de Neblina from the smallest tributaries from a canoe or kayak. You will be amazed to find the south villages that host the Yanomami Indians that are seldom seen by travelers. Of course, there’s a time and place for everything! Enjoy the dry season for walking around and the wet season to get six meters closer to the canopy by boat. The flood waters make for a great advantage to glimpse the most diverse collection of flora and fauna in the world. When you are ready to relax for that long flight home, rest at ease knowing your car is waiting in Parking at Heathrow.

Let the adventure of the Amazon take you away!

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