Project Orient: going to Oz in style

by Jules on February 19, 2013

Travelling from the UK to Australia can be a difficult journey at the best of times, especially because of the time involved going between the two countries. While you can sleep comfortably in your plane, you often wonder if there’s something you can do for entertainment. Fortunately, a famous old cruising route is about to be revived.

Dubbed ‘Project Orient’, the much-loved liner service between the UK and Australia will be restored thanks to Virgin Holidays Cruises, but will it work and could it succeed? Cruising between the two nations is preferable to many people, not least because it’s seen as more comfortable, while on a luxury liner, it’s possible to do much more than just wait until you arrive in the Land of Oz.

Worth the wait

Arriving at Fremantle in 20 days and Sydney in 25 days, it might seem like a long wait to go Down Under, but it’s often said that the best part of a holiday is the journey itself. However, if all goes to plan, Project Orient won’t be finished straight away, and chances to board a ship taking in some of the most amazing sights in the world will be limited.

The plan for Project Orient is to have 12 return voyages to start with. Each cruise will carry 2,000 passengers, and will take in destinations including Mumbai, Singapore and the spectacular Suez Canal. The staff at Virgin Holidays Cruises are tipping Project Orient to be a massive success, but what could make it so appealing to holidaymakers?

On the sea in style

Going on a luxury liner forms a big part of any holiday. In many ways, it beats being stuck on a long-haul flight, as you find that there’s so much to do on the ship. Looking at the view from the deck, you can take photos and try and spot landmarks, many of which will be visible on the Project Orient route.

When on a cruise, you should know that it’s all about the journey. As you’ll be spending so much time on the ship, you should try to make the most of it. You could go for a swim, go shopping, see what entertainment’s on offer or simply curl up with a good book in peace.

If going on a cruise for the first time, the important thing is to relax. You’re able to explore the whole ship, plus when stopping off at a destination en route to the arrival point, you’re able to stretch your legs a little more. The majority of cruises are meant to be about travelling in style and comfort, so when finding one, make sure it has all you could possibly want, something Project Orient should offer.

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