10 Worst Hotels in Asia Revealed for 2013

by Jules on January 17, 2013

There are some dirty and disgusting hotels out there that literally made my skin crawl whilst writing this post! Never has it been more important to check before you travel; ask friends and relatives for recommendations, check travel forums and read reviews on reputable websites. We’ve concealed the names of these REAL hotels in the hope that they seriously clean up their acts. Hoteliers; you know who you are!

? Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Buzzing bustling Bangkok offers up this three star hotel in the northeast region of the city which is stuck in a serious timewarp with décor and fittings seemingly from the 1970s. This was probably the last time the public areas and rooms were maintained too with air con units spewing out dust and dirt, paper-thin walls, exposed electrical wires and expensive Wi-Fi. On the plus side the transport links are good!

? Lodge, Siem Reap, Cambodia
The rooms are really cheap but there is no excuse for dirty linen and towels and grubby rooms. And the water supply is really erratic too with services shut down for hours on end. The room price does include a fan however, seemingly the only mod con on offer. Just watch out for the tour touts that ply the lodge peddling overpriced local tours.

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? Hotel, Shanghai
Here the rooms are slated as filthy, with stained carpets, dodgy plumbing and a strong stench of sewers! Aside from no clocks or TVs in the room, the ‘mattress’ is not as you’d expect in the west, instead a very thin topper sits on the base; it’s a guess as to whether the protruding springs or bed bugs get you first! Oh and to top it all off, the staff are rude and really couldn’t care less.

? Hotel, Hong Kong
Warning! This hotel appears to be a rent-by-the-hour kind of place, if you know what I mean! Sure all accommodation in Hong Kong is compact, but this is really something. Location may be good but after persistent power outages, staff that just don’t care and absolutely no facilities whatsoever, you’ll wish you could leave after an hour.

? Hotel, Male, Maldives
All accommodation in the Maldives is within a tropical setting right? Wrong! If you fancy a bland tower block style stay, complete with dirty rooms lined with cobwebs then consider this hotel. There are also reports of bedbugs, tiny rooms and mouldy bathrooms.

? Resort, Goa, India
Goa is the region for beach lovers and hippy types but unless you’re under the influence there’s no way you’ll enjoy a stay here. Expect a seriously l-o-n-g wait for room service, charges for absolutely EVEYTHING and toilets that stubbornly won’t flush – yuk!

? Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam
This hotel looks great from the outside, but once inside it’s a catalogue of horrors; tiny rooms with no windows, no air con and a serious lack of basic amenities; think hot water and clean sheets! The rooms stink of either smoke or mould (not sure which is worse). Avoid like the plague.

? Inn, Bali, Indonesia
Ah beautiful Bali; a true island paradise. Except if you’re staying here that is! With rooms like tiny dungeons and an assortment of bugs on offer; take your pick from cockroaches and bed buds, this is one stinky inn. Cheap; yes. Clean and well managed; no. Do yourself a favour and book in somewhere else.

? Hotel, Manila, Philippines
A thriller in Manila this hotel isn’t! The rooms look like they were last renovated 40 years ago with stark walls, towels for curtains and a grubby mattress that barely sits off the floor. Unless it’s your burning ambition to stay at Asia’s world hotel, then avoid this ‘hotel’ at all costs!

? Hotel, Moscow, Russia
In the cultural hub of Moscow is this little gem of a hotel. Customer service is non-existent with plainly rude staff, mushrooms adorning the bathroom walls and sheets that have more holes in them than a tea strainer! And the food is pretty nasty too; think pasta and sauerkraut for breakfast – eugh!

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