Top five experience gift ideas

by Jules on December 21, 2012

Presents are so last year. Sure, they look great all shiny and wrapped and ready for you to tear open, but once all the excitement has died down and another pair of grey socks from your auntie Beryl has lolled into your lap, or that bread-maker you so desperately needed has been left idling in dust under your sink for a couple months, the presents start to show their true colours.  Who needs more things?! In our online, virtual, social networking, constantly-connected culture, what we need more then anything is real experiences. I’m not talking about everyday run of the mill stuff either – I mean once in a lifetime, scream your head off, laugh ‘til your stomach hurts types of experiences. Don’t give a present – give an experience.  Here are some great ideas for experience gifts. Give them to your partner, your dad, your mum, your best mate… heck, give them to yourself. You deserve it.

Be a pop star for a day

The X-factor’s finished. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief (get in, James Arthur) and scratch our heads about what to do now with our Saturday nights. Never fear – why watch pop stars when you can be one yourself? ‘Be a pop star’ experience days lets you sing your heart out in a professional recording studio – you leave with a professionally mixed demo CD, a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye.

Segway Safari

Remember those futuristic stand-up buggies? Then get ready for a ride of the future and hop on yourself.  Segway Safari’s teach you how to buzz round corners, off-road up hills and generally show everyone how it’s done.

Paris by night

Go on, be a romantic. The city of love is waiting for you.  The best way to experience it is on a walking tour… none of this looking out of coach windows stuff.  On your feet, in a café, drink the wine, smell the fresh bread, buy a beret, regret it later. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not pick up some Disneyland Paris tickets as well and take the whole family. It may spoil the romance, but think how much the kids will love you for it!

The Art of Chocolate

They say a little bit is good for you, but too much is naughty… Everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate-lovers experience days put partners together to whisk up some romantic chocolate treats together. Learn the art of the chocolatier and be as indulgent and decadent as you dare. The only difficult thing will be sharing the end result!

Flying lesson

It’s said that since the dawn of human kind, we’ve looked to the skies and felt the urge to fly.  I’m not talking about being squeezed into the middle seat of a budget airline either… I mean hand on the throttle, bank left, bank right. I’m talking aviators, jump suit, Tom Cruise in Top Gun. That’s flying. Give the experience gift of a flying lesson and all that and more will be in the palm of the lucky person’s hands.

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