6 Peaceful European Getaways

by Jules on July 9, 2012

Europe is well known for its die-hard sports fans, wealth of cultural experiences, history, beauty, and for the massive amounts of tourists. That’s right, tourists. Tourists crowd the streets, take over restaurants and create long queues wreaking havoc on your hopes of having an easy breezy holiday. However, if you want to break away from the mayhem, there are some fantastic secluded places in Europe where you can escape from the crowds and find peace of mind;

Cornwall, England
England is the land of rolling hills and idyllic peaceful getaways. One such place is Cornwall which is blessed with clean beaches, carefully manicured gardens and chocolate-box thatched cottages Situated on England’s most southern tip, Cornwall boasts amazing beach views and a wealth of lazy day amenities.

Crieff, Scotland
Truly the flower of Scotland, Crieff is blooming with history and friendly faces. Take leisurely walks through the town for a little shopping or through the surrounding areas to get a glimpse of Scotland’s beautiful wildlife.

Stockholm, Sweden (pictured above)
Who can’t find peace in the happiest city on earth?! Immensely beautiful and a bit touristy, this city does have lots of peaceful activities that you can partake in. Take a boat ride along the canals for a relaxing tour of Stockholm or have a picnic on one of the many lawns scattered throughout the city.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Take a chill pill in Sofia where museums, monuments, history abound. The city center is fairly busy, but you can break away from it all by exploring the outskirts. You can go rock climbing, or sunbathe at a mountain retreat.

Mallorca, Spain
Surrounded by pristine blue water and filled with Spanish joi de vivre. There are many, many opportunities for relaxation in this beautiful country. Watch the sunrise on one of the many beaches, take a yoga class, or take a relaxing drive through the mountainside.

Galway, Ireland
Galway is a real emerald jewel. And you can find your inner serenity by exploring the rocky beaches or by taking some time out for doing a little fishing or exploring Irish heritage by visiting one of Galway’s surrounding areas.

Peace is a state of mind that can sometimes be lost in the hustle and bustle of a tourist’s life. But to find it, all you need is a sense of adventure, an open eye, and a nice pair of walking shoes. All the places mentioned above offer a wealth of adventures that are peaceful. Sounds like an oxymoron, yes, but believe me, with an open mind, you can find the peace that you seek. So take a deep breath and be prepared to enjoy the solidarity of the roads and towns less travelled.

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