Top 7 Things to Do in Wroclaw Poland

by Jules on June 16, 2012

Wroclaw is bursting with Prussian, Austrian and Bohemian culture and history at every turn. Situated on the Odra River, Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth largest city and many come to explore the stunning Gothic architecture, buzzing nightlife and pretty parks.

Monkey around at Wroclaw Zoo

Shiver at the sharks, be-bop in the birdhouse and get delightfully dizzy by craning your neck at the giraffes. As the largest animal sanctuary in Poland, the Wroclaw Zoological Garden is home to over 7000 animals across 800 species, so there’s plenty to see and explore. Just don’t forget your camera!

Make a splash at the Aquapark

Who says you need an ocean to visit the beach? The Wroclaw Aquapark is an amusement park that brings the water to you, offering dozens of rides, pools and even jacuzzis for your inner fish. It’s also a great way to beat the heat during those Wroclaw summers!

Soak up some culture

Thanks to border disputes, Wroclaw has been claimed by five different countries through the 20th century. This means a rich and unique history with lasting influences from dozens of cultures. Visit the Prussian palace, explore the remains of German churches, or take a tour of the Neo-Gothic Wroclaw Cathedral.

Follow the dwarves

In 2001, a protest group placed a small dwarf stature in a Wroclaw street. It soon turned from a political statement into a fad, with dozens of dwarves of all shapes and sizes appearing across the city. Today they’re considered both a treasure hunt and a tourist attraction, with tours and games devoted to finding them all.

Lose yourself at Renoma Mall

The biggest mall in Wroclaw dates from the pre-war era and in 1977 was included on the Register of Historical Monuments. The massive shopping complex has been completely modernised and restored and now houses over 120 shops, cafes and restaurants. Even the roof is an experience you won’t forget, offering food, drink and a breathtaking view of the entire city. The only drawback is that you might find yourself short of cash by the end of your trip!

Catch a game at Municipal Stadium

The Municipal Stadium is a recent addition to Wroclaw, but it’s already making waves with its high-profile football and boxing matches. It’s currently hosting some of the Euro 2012 Football Championship matches and will even be home to the 2017 World Games. Grab some face point and join the cheering crowds, because Polish sports don’t get better than this.

This post is part of our Euro 2012 series, along with our guide to 7 Things to do in Krakow, and 7 Things to do in Warsaw we will also publish ideas and things to see and do in Gdansk and Poznan soon.

Market Square

Considered the heart of the city, Market Square (also called Rynek) is a must-see for anyone visiting Wroclaw. It offers cafes, shops, drinks, dancing, and some of the most beautiful architecture you’ll ever explore along the cobblestones. Whether you’re looking for a lively outdoor concert or a relaxing brunch on the steps of City Hall, Market Square is the place to be.

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