10 Essential holiday health tips and advice

by Jules on May 16, 2012

Make sure your travel insurance covers you for action and adventures

Don’t let an easily avoidable calamity ruin your travels; follow these simple tips to stay safe and healthy whilst away;

• The most important piece of advice when it comes to travel health and safety is to purchase adequate travel insurance. Make sure it covers you for any sports or unusual activities you might try and make sure you are honest about any medical problems you already have, otherwise a claim may not be valid. Opt for an annual policy to save money if you take two or more trips each year.
• And if you do get taken ill whilst on holiday; let your insurance company know ASAP. They will let you know what you are entitled to and where to get treatment.
• Get all required immunisations prior to travelling, check with your doctor or health clinic who will advise what injections, malaria tablets etc may be required. And bear in mind that some immunisations need a few months to kick in, so plan ahead.
• If you have any existing health problems make sure your doctor declares you as fit to travel. And make sure your dentist appointments are up to date as toothache in a foreign country is not fun, or cheap!
• If you’re visiting Europe you can apply online for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which will allow you access to funded healthcare either for free or a fraction of the cost. It only covers treatment with the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland, so again, check before you head off.
• Keep all receipts for medical related expenses as you’ll need these to make a claim once home.
• Use your common sense; if there’re something you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) do at home, then don’t do it on holiday either. Bear your safety in mind as a first consideration.
• If you rent a car or moped abroad make sure you have all the appropriate safety equipment. This goes for a warning triangle, spare type and a spare bulb kit for cars – many items of which are a legal requirement across Europe. And if you opt for a moped, make sure you have an undamaged helmet and appropriate clothing.
• Ease up on the alcohol, which aside from making you more tired and lethargic will also make an insurance claim more difficult if alcohol was a contributing factor.
• And finally, take any regular medication with you in your hand luggage and have the actual prescription to hand in case of questions when you go through airport security.

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