Explore the Islands of Thailand

by Jules on April 17, 2012

Thailand is a great option for travelers who want to experience an exotic vacation location. Thailand has several islands that are near their coastline and offer ideal vacation experiences as each island is unique and offers different experiences. Pack a bathing suit, sandals and suntan lotion in your luggage for these trips.

Ko Adang

The uncrowded island of Ko Adang is a fantastic spot for those who enjoy nature. There are waterfalls and jungles to hike through and there are great beaches too. The beaches of Ko Adang Island are less populated than on the mainland so you can easily dive and snorkel near the beaches to see the coral reefs.

Ko Tansay

Tourists can rent a beach hut on the little known Thai island of Ko Tansay. Then relax under the coconut palm trees and admire the blue ocean teaming with marine life. There are great restaurants here that serve fantastic local fresh seafood.


If you enjoy being around more people, then choose the buzzing and popular Phuket Island. This island is more commercialized and the bonus is that there are many hotels and restaurants to choose from. There is not as much privacy for travelers on this island, but great if you’re looking for plenty of action and adventure activities to choose from.

Ko Tarutao

If you love animals, then head to Ko Tarutao, a naturalists dream as the island is famous for monitor lizards, macaques, sea turtles and whale watching near the shores. It offers great hiking potential with waterfalls and pristine beaches and the chance to spot the diverse flora and fauna.

Ko Tao

For those who love sport diving, try Ko Tao Island near the coastline of Thailand. There are experienced guides to teach you new diving techniques and the basics for scuba beginners. Give this island a chance, no matter whether you are an experienced diver or just learning how to dive.

Ko Samui

Ko Samui is the most visited island in Thailand due to the presence of an international airport. This is where many travelers land after choosing between the many flights to Thailand from London. As you would expect there are plenty of amenities; in fact there are some 500 different guesthouses and hotels alone! There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to while away your time. Yes it is a busy island but there are still plenty of soft powdery beaches for a sunset stroll or lazy day.

Ko Lao Liang

The island of Ko Lao Liang is one of the smallest in the world. But it does have a beach! There is only one guesthouse though, so there are no great decisions to be made about where to stay! It’s easy to rent a kayak and paddle yourself around this small island in just under an hour.

Ko Mun Nork

If you are planning a destination wedding and honeymoon package, then head to Ko Mun Nork, which offers the perfect setting. Weekends are crowded here with parties and special events. However, if you choose to travel here on weekdays there are fewer crowds, making it easier to stake a spot on the beach and get a great tan!

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