Travel Guide to the Red Sea

by Jules on November 25, 2011

The Red Sea, the world’s warmest sea, is located in the Middle East, bordering Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Egypt’s Red Sea Coast stretches north to south from Suez to the Sudanese border. It is well known for its balmy year-round climate, crystal clear blue waters, sandy white beaches, amazing desert landscapes and colorful coral reefs filled with exotic fish. The Red Sea boasts a wide variety of activities including scuba diving, bird watching and desert safaris. Rich with history, the area also offers many sightseeing opportunities.

Divers consider the Red Sea to be one of the top diving destinations in the world. The sea has over 800 species of fish, 44 species of sharks and over 200 coral species to explore. The many ancient shipwrecks are also a popular place for divers. More serious divers might choose to hire a luxurious live-aboard boat specially built for a unique diving experience.

The Red Sea is a major migration route for birds, making its coast a birder’s paradise. Over 400 species have been recorded, two-thirds of them migrant. The best times to see the greatest number and diversity of birds is in the spring and autumn when the weather is warm but not too hot, however there are plenty of birds to be seen in the winter and summer months as well.

With its mountains, valley and oases, there are plenty of Red Sea adventures and activities to try in order to create your very own unique desert safari experience. Quad motorbikes are available to rent for a guided tour. For the ultimate experience, safaris on camel back are also popular. One safari available is a trip to a Bedouin village near Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast.

History buffs will enjoy the many ancient landmarks and historic sites the Red Sea has to offer. The biblically historical Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments according to Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, is one of the most popular of these sites, as well as St. Catherine’s Monastery at its base. Another popular historic site to consider is Ain Khundra, the original pilgrims’ route from Jordan to Mount Sinai.

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