8 Easy Ways to be a Healthy Traveler

by Jules on January 7, 2011

Praying will not protect you from travel diseases

Make sure all of your adventure holidays get off to a great start by arriving in top health! Follow our tips and advice for staying germ-free whilst on board your flight:

1. Always carry disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and wet wipes, which will come in handy when travelling with children and are great if you have an accident at 35,000 feet!
2. Bear in mind that the blankets and pillows on your aircraft might not be regularly cleaned so take your own.
3. Same goes for your aircraft seat and tray table, just think how many people could have sat there since they were last disinfected! Minimize contact with your face and use your own pillow for sleeping, especially if you sleep with your mouth open!
4. Put your shoes on for a visit to the toilets, do not go in barefoot or in just socks. Just think about it, four toilets for a couple of hundred passengers!
5. Eat plenty of fruit and veg before your trip and if necessary stock on vitamins and supplements as well. Clear your fridge before you leave and whip up a tasty smoothie or veg juice with your leftovers.
6. Don’t drink alcohol just before or during your flight (even if it is complimentary) as this will dry you out and alcohol is an immune-suppressant.
7. If you are germ-laden then be a considerate traveler and keep your germs to yourself.
8. Carry a first aid kit and include some cold remedies, painkillers etc as your destination may not sell what you need.

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