Top 7 Things To Do In Mali

by Julia on July 7, 2009

The largest mud built structure in the world at Djenne in Mali

The West African country of Mali is largely unexplored by tourists which could make for an intriguing and unique holiday. Mali has a total population of 12.3 million and is landlocked. Covering some 479,000 square miles there is certainly plenty of history and culture waiting to be discovered on a holiday to Mali.

Here are our top 7 suggestions for what to see and do in Mali:

Bamako – The capital city of Mali is Bamako which is alive with music and bustling markets and is the starting point for many travelers. Check out the museums including the Musée de Bamako, Musée National and Musée Muso Kunda, the museum devoted to the women of Mali.

Dogon Country – One of Mali’s most visited areas and also one of the most stunning in the country. The area is inhabited by about 350,000 Dogon people and you will witness traditional crafts and ways of life here.

Timbuktu – Whilst here you should visit the legendary city of Timbuktu, also known as Tombouctou, which, when you were a child, you might have associated with being at the end of the world. See ancient manuscripts at the Centre de Recherches Historiques Ahmed Baba, visit the three oldest mosques in the country here and visit the Ethnological Museum.

Djenne – The city of Djenne is a world heritage listed site, which sits on an island in the Bani River and is home to a magnificent mosque which is the largest mud-built structure in the world. Check out the bustling Monday market, the elegant Grande Mosque and the old Sacred Well of Nana Wangara.

Mopti – A lively port with plenty going on, Mopti is often the starting point for trips into Dogon Country and visitors should explore the market of Marché Souguni and the Misire Mosque.

Segou – Set along a river, Segou has a relaxed and chilled-out air about it and is a great place to absorb some of the local traditional sights and customs.

Niger River – Take a relaxing journey along the great Niger River and soak up the sights and sounds as you pass by the Sahara area.

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