What Name Would You Give New Zealand?

by Julie on April 24, 2009

It appears that the names applied to New Zealand’s islands, ‘North Island’ and ‘South Island’, although geographically accurate, are not actually legally registered, despite being used for the last 200 years!

Now New Zealanders are being asked for their name suggestions for the two main islands and one New Zealand newspaper rather cheekily suggested the islands should be called “fush and chups” or “Kiri and Te Kanawa”.

Ideas are being sought for both English and Moari names variations although Maori names are already in use including Te Ika a Maui (the fish of Maui) for the North Island and Te Wai Pounamu (the waters of greenstone) for the South Island.

Maori names actually appeared on early maps of New Zealand including those created by the British explorer and map-maker, Captain James Cook who mapped almost all of the coastline after reaching New Zealand in 1769.

If you have an idea on what to rename the North and South Islands of New Zealand, then do let us know!

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