3 Reason Why You Need An RV Backup Camera

by Julia on November 13, 2019

Going away on holiday is the highlight of everyone’s year. After a full annum of working tirelessly and saving as much money as possible, a well earned break away is what we all need. However, a problem we all face nowadays is deciding what kind of holiday we actually want to go on. A lot of people choose to go away on a party holiday in Cyprus, while others venture to sunny coasts to spend time at the beach. One other amazing type of holiday is going away in an RV. It doesn’t matter if you want to go away with friends, family or by yourself, you are still guaranteed to have an amazing time. However, there are still a few things to look out for. No matter where you go there will always be a few risks (especially when driving), so you need to make sure you’re RV is properly protected. One of the best ways to do this is by installing an RV backup camera, but why should you do this? Read on to find out.

To check out an example of a rearview wireless backup trailer, follow our link.

  1. It’ll make reversing a lot easier. It’s no secret that reversing is one of the most difficult parts of driving. No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, it can be very challenging to reverse into tight spaces or even to see where you are going at times. I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who’ve had to repair damages to their car after a reversing accident. These dangers are exemplified even further when you’re driving an RV. We all know just how big these vehicles are and it can be very difficult to see where you’re going while moving backwards. This is made even more challenging due to big blind spots and the fact that you need to be a skilled driver to reverse into certain spots. Installing a backup camera will make this much easier; you can see where you’re going and will be able to avoid hitting objects you may not have seen before.

  2. You’ll be a lot safer when driving on the highway. Reversing may present more immediate danger you the health of your RV, but we all know the dangers that exist when driving on the highway in any kind of vehicle. The number of crashes each year is astounding and you should be doing everything you can to make sure you don’t contribute to these statistics. One of the things you can do when driving an RV is making sure you install a backup camera. As I’ve already mentioned, blind spots can be a real hassle when driving one of these. When changing lanes or taking an exit on a highway, this can present real issues. Making sure one of these cameras is installed will make sure you can see everything you need to and can avoid any unnecessary accidents.

  3. You’ll save money in the long term. I think we all know that we’d rather spend a little on one of these backup cameras than have an accident and have to pay much more in the future. Buying one of these will ensure the safety of both you, your passengers, your RV and your finances.


7 super fun things to do in Jamaica

by Julia on November 12, 2019

Jamaica is one the most popular destinations for travellers and it’s easy to see why. It’s a beautiful island with gorgeous weather all year round and first-class tourist attractions.

With that in mind, here are seven super things to do in Jamaica.

  1. Cliff jumping

If you’re an adventure seeker, it doesn’t get much more thrilling than launching yourself from cliffs into the deep sea. One of the best spots for cliff jumping is Rick’s Café in Negril, where you’ll find people hurling themselves from almighty heights. However, for the less daring, there are some lower jumping points, or you can simply grab a bite to eat at the bar and gaze across at the twinkling topaz sea.

  1. Waterfalls

Waterfall climbing is without a doubt one of the most popular activities for tourists, with attractions such as Dunn’s River Falls enticing thousands of visitors each year.  Navigating your way over steep and slippery rocks can be something of a challenge but you’ll feel super accomplished when you reach the top.

  1. Boat ride

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to experience the beauty of Jamaica, you can’t go wrong with a Black River boat ride. As you cruise down the river, you’ll be in your elements as you gaze upon the beautiful island landscape. Plus you’ll get to meet some of the island’s fabulous resident creatures such as crocodiles, egrets and herons.

  1. Rafting

Boats are super cool, however, if you’re looking for a ride that’s a little more rustic, consider a raft. Jamaica’s number one spot for rafting is the Martha Brae River, where you can enjoy a hour long ride along across the river, during which your raft captain will recount the legend of Martha Brae – a Taino witch believed to have been tortured by Spanish settlers on the island.

  1. Bob Marley Museum

Reggae superstar Bob Marley is a Jamaican icon and you can celebrate his life and music by visiting the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. The museum is situated on the site of the musician’s former home where he lived between 1975 and 1981. Here you can enjoy a tour of his property, preserved as it was when he lived there, as well as an interactive journey through the Tuff Gong recording studio.

  1. Dolphin cove

Swimming with dolphins is a popular bucket list item – and when you visit Dolphin Cove you’ll be able to make this dream a reality. As well as dolphins, you’ll be able to interact with other cool marine creatures such as sting rays and sharks. Other fun activities at the attraction include camel petting, shark shows and a Jungle Trail walk.

  1. Bird watching

A trip to an eco-resort such as Green Castle Estate is a real treat for lovers of nature. This 1,600-acre property is home to around 170 species of bird, including 27 of the 28 Jamaican endemics. Here, you can explore the grounds at your leisure or take part in a specialist birding tour.

There are so many fun things to do in Jamaica and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. So do some more research and start planning your fantastic Caribbean getaway – you won’t be disappointed.

What other fun things are there to do in Jamaica? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Sliding through the snowy edges of enchantment

by Julia on November 11, 2019

Peaks blanketed by snow and the chilling winds drive you to the white snowy ends of the earth to take you on the ride of a lifetime. Not all sports might seem interesting or appeal to the viewers equally, but this winter sport is one that has the potential or has remained one sport that people all around the world have loved watching or trying. This sport neither is the one that can be played on the normal grounds of the streets nor is the one that can be played within an enclosure on sleek wood panels. This is one adventure sport that many aspires to try out, and like any other adventure sport, this also requires proper guidance and grooming before hitting the snowy escarpments. Visit luxury ski holidays with skiweekends.com to explore more about the skiing possibilities and vacation packages (with all facilities including grooming) for a chilling and elating experience.

Skiing is the sport of sliding down the snow-covered slopes of the hills with a pair of long, flat runner pads called skis which is fixed onto the shoes or boots worn by the skier.

History of skis

Like any other sport, skiing too has a history and has quite an interesting course of events to list down in the historical section of this sport. Skiing was discovered in Russia, back in 8000 BC, not as a sport back then but people used to use these skis for transportation purposes. Many signs of the historic significance of skiing were found in the form of carvings and resides of skis in different parts of the world, mostly in Europe (Sweden and Norway).

The places with extremely cold climate and relentless snowstorms are the places where the use of skis was frequent for transportation and also for hunting. The invention of skis was claimed by the Lapps, from where the practice of skiing is believed to have been born. In some parts of Russia, skis are still used for transportation purposes.

Development of skiing into a sport

In the early 19th century the sport of skiing was curbed by fixing the boot to the ski only by the toe, making it impossible to ski downhill, which required great manipulation or maneuvering. Harnessing the ski to slide over the snowy surface at a smooth pace with those two poles is not an easy task, only ones with great experience can negotiate those sharp turns and risky edges. In 1930, the technology of rope tows and chairlifts was brought into the picture and hence made the ascend uphill easy, from where skiing was done downhill. Before that technology, people used to ascend the hill to a spot from where they could easily ski downhill with less risk.

With every new technology introduced into the field of skiing, the number of skiing aspirants subsequently increased. By the 1960′s the trend of TV coverage had taken over the sport to another level when the sport was let out of obscurity. Many people adored the sport and viewers started increasing in the years that followed.


The skiing equipment or ski, in the initial days, was manufactured using wooden materials and as time passed new components were added into the manufacturing of these ski pads. The laminations and plastic materials that were used in the later ages of the sport made the equipment more stable, and easy to use over the surfaces and durability was assured more with the skis that were made out of these materials.

The height of the Alpine ski should almost be equal to the height of the skier, be it a male or a female skier and this ski should have almost a width of 7.6 cm. In the case of Nordic classic skis, the height should be about 6.9 ft, whereas in the case of Nordic freestyle skis the height should be somewhat 6.2 ft.

Types of Skiing

Alpine skiing

This was developed as competitive skiing in central Europe in the Alps. In Alpine skiing, the skiing is done downhill with fixed-heel attachments to the ski, which is the trademark factor of Alpine skiing, whereas in the other skiing types ski jumping and cross-country skiing the attachments are free-heel.

Nordic skiing

Its evolution was within the terrains of Norway which later adopted by many skiers and is now categorized into different events which include ski-jumping and cross-country skiing.

The classification of skiing can be done also as:

  • Recreational skiing:  This is the type of skiing under which most skiing activities can be categorized. The people who occasionally visit ski resorts for recreational purposes and vacations are the recreational skiers.
  • Freestyle skiing:  This includes competitions like Freestyle Olympics and many more which incorporates the activities of people who freestyle; the experts do these in areas that are not completely patrolled.
  • Backcountry skiing:  this type is completely for the experts, which would unpatrolled areas and areas out of the limits of ski resorts which might not be well-guided or groomed.

Skiing has developed as an adventure sport which all people have an urge to try once in their lives. Skiing also is a healthy activity, which was proved with the downhill skiing being almost equitable to the activity of cycling. The skiing experience is a magical one that everyone should make a point to include in their bucket-list.


Top 4 Remarkable Benefits of Traveling Abroad

by Julia on November 8, 2019

Going on vacation is thrilling. However, some dread traveling abroad. Don’t be! It’s a chance to experience diversity at its most exceptional state. It’s time to meet new people, and enjoy a new way of life. All these might make one pack their bags and jump on the next flight. Nonetheless, did you know that traveling abroad has proven health benefits? Below are some of the fascinating benefits of traveling abroad

  • Minimizes stress

Vacationing is a time to take a break from the hassles of life, escape the noisy city, and enjoy nature or another environment. Chronic stress is a significant contributor to cardio diseases, depression, diabetes, as well as chronic headache, among other illnesses. However, taking a trip to explore new sceneries can assist your mind escape stressful situations, thus taking care of your mental health. It lowers the cortisol levels, therefore, makes one feel relaxed. Taking more than a week off your daily routine can do your health better than harm. It’s a time to walk around thus improving on your physical health

  • Boosts the immune system

The human body is quite mysterious, and the slightest change tends to affect the body. Going on an international trip is beneficial to the body as it gets exposed to new pathogens. In the process, the body develops stronger antibodies within the immune system. The antibodies end up boosting the general immune system wellness. Thus, it helps one fight off ailments

  • Improve creativity

Here’s another positive aspect of traveling abroad. You get to increase the cognitive flexibility, thought coherence as well as your depth. It’s a time to immerse in the local culture and learn new languages as well as way of life. In the end, an individual gets to have a different perspective on life. It enables you to keep negative thoughts at bay and start appreciating what you might have.

You get to know that once you forget to pack an item, all hope isn’t lost. You can make use of what you have. However, if it’s a towel, you can find your Turkish towels here and continue enjoying your caravanning, glamping, or camping.

  • Helps you live longer without regrets

To experience life in abundance, you ought to keep fit, minimize stress levels, and boost your immunity, among others. Did you know that traveling abroad can offer this and so much more? Once you get to experience an international trip, you benefit from boosting your brain health, thus keeps illnesses such as Alzheimer’s at bay.

It’s a chance to experience genuine happiness at its most excellent state. Thus, you become emotionally stable. It’s a chance to discover a new form of life, interact with new people on the ground. Therefore, you’ll be involved in a lot of walking. You get to keep fit by becoming active. During your travels, you can get a souvenir that you can cherish when you get back home. For example, you can find your Turkish towels here, which are the perfect travel accessory. Enjoy a chic and practical towel sheet that you can use as a wrap, plane snug, sarong, or a travel towel. It’s time to pack your bags and get ready for an international trip to reap all these benefits and so much more.


Film aficionados can visit Los Cabos International Film Festival in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico this 13-17 November, which will feature full-length, short films, and documentaries, created by some of the top up and coming film makers across Mexico, The United States, and Canada. The Los Cabos International Film Festival makes a positive contribution to the development of world film culture with a special focus on Mexican, American and Canadian films. This year they seek to continue promoting a festival dedicated to the shared vision of this multicultural and vibrant region, which year after year continues to explore risky, thoughtful and inspiring cinematographic proposals for international audiences. The Film Festival showcases the best of Mexican and Latin American talent to the North American market, through a carefully curated film program and a dynamic industry platform headed by Los Cabos Meet – MART.

This year the Festival’s opening gala feature will be Martin Scorsese’s greatly expected The Irishman, starring Robert de Niro, who will introduce the movie. Scorsese’s new film, a reflection on hidden ties between organized crime and American political elites, was filmed by the Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto.

Destinations in Paradise offers luxury lodging for festival guests

Located just 15 minutes away from colonial San Jose del Cabo, Destinations in Paradise’s Casa Bellamar’s oceanfront property offers absolute privacy and seclusion. After a day at the Los Cabos International Film Festival this is the perfect place to come back to relax and unwind. Sprawling down the East Cape, in Playa Tortuga, this luxury villa is amidst one of the rarest beach destinations in the world. Built to match its incomparable surroundings with luxurious, spacious interiors and extraordinary outdoor spaces, Casa Bellamar is a hidden paradise with endless unspoiled beach and ocean views. This self-sustainable property offers privacy and easy access to colonial San Jose del Cabo via the newly paved scenic road, or head east to any of the idyllic beaches known for surfing and snorkeling. The 6,833 square meter property features eight bedrooms, and fifteen bathrooms – sleeping eighteen in total.

Other events taking place around the world where Destinations in Paradise properties are housed include: the 2019 Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival which just took place across the Island of Hawai‘i, Maui and O‘ahu. The festival hosts some of the best cuisine and wine the Hawaiian Islands have to offer over three weekends, featuring a roster of over 150 internationally-renowned master chefs, culinary personalities, and wine and spirit producers. The festival’s mission is to reignite a love of the land, looking back to a time when Hawaii was 100% sustainable. Since its 2011 launch, HFWF has donated more than $2.4 million to community organizations that support sustainability, culinary programs and agriculture. Guests will share in the diverse cuisine of this world-class destination and “Taste our Love for the Land.”

Destinations in Paradise’s secluded oceanfront estate provides premier lodging for the ultimate Hawaiian getaway. The Big Island property is the pinnacle of luxury living. Guests have access to resort amenities including, a gym, tennis courts, spa, contemporary and local art collections, and a PGA golf course on the stunning property of Hawaiian Archipelago, located on Mauna Kea Coast. Composed of three pod-style pavilions under one roof, the expansive estate facilitates an ideal group travel spot for privacy and tranquility. Pristine and lush tropical flora, palms, heliconia, and plumeria surround the landscape along with numerous water features peppered throughout. Rest comfortably after a long day of food & wine tasting in this 5,358 square foot estate – featuring five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two half bathrooms making it an ideal property to experience the seamlessness of indoor-outdoor living.

About Los Cabos International Film Festival

Founded in 2012 by Scott Cross, Sean Cross, Eduardo Sanchez-Navarro Redo, Alfonso Pasquel, Juan Gallardo Thurlow, Eduardo Sánchez-Navarro Rivera Torres, and Pablo Sanchez-Navarro, the Los Cabos International Film Festival is an international film festival that takes place annually in mid-November in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was created to create exposure to the Mexican film industry and it’s up and coming filmmakers.

About Hawai‘i Food & Festival

The Festival features a roster of more than 150 internationally renowned master chefs, culinary personalities, and winemakers and mixologists. Hawaii Food & Wine Festival (HFWF) is a program of the non-profit, Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. Its mission is to attract national and international attention to the extraordinary culinary talent and the diversity of quality locally grown products to ensure Hawaii maintains its competitive edge as a world-class destination. In the past 8 years, HFWF has expanded from a three-day festival with 30 chefs in Waikiki to more than 20 events with over 10,000 attendees and 120 chefs spanning three Islands. Since its 2011 launch, HFWF has donated more than $2.4 million to community organizations that support sustainability, culinary programs and agriculture.

About Destinations in Paradise

Destinations in Paradise is a luxurious resort company with properties in Mendocino California, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Hawaii. Destinations in Paradise is a pristine getaway for any suave wanderer, couple or family. The perfect travel escape amidst panoramic natural scenery, the luxury retreats offer extraordinary experiences to guests, whether having a whale shark encounter, hiking in national parks, swimming with dolphins, art and wine festivals, enjoying contemporary and local art collections, and observing a rare sea turtle hatching release. Full service amenities such as a personal Paradise Butler are available to accommodate guests’ every need, helping them to achieve maximum relaxation during their stay.

For more information about Destinations in Paradise, or to book your stay at one of the properties please visit:https://destinationsinparadise.com/ For more information about The Los Cabos International Film Festival, please visit:  https://www.cabosfilmfestival.com/.  For more information on the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, visit: https://hawaiifoodandwinefestival.com


Tuscany is filled with many incredible, iconic places to visit. You can roam the city streets of Florence or take in the leaning tower of Pisa. Spend your days in the rolling hills of the Chianti region sipping wine, and enjoy exquisite al fresco dining in the evenings.

However, if the traditional touristy trip doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of secret gems hidden throughout Tuscany. Here’s the non-touristy guide to things you have to see in this beautiful part of the world.

The Abandoned Villas of Tuscany

There are plenty of beautiful Tuscany homes and villas for you to stay in during your trip to this scenic part of Italy. But did you know that there are also mysterious, abandoned villas that you can explore for a one-of-a-kind walk through history?

Villa Sbertoli is just one of many vacant manors in the Tuscany region. Many of the empty mansions throughout the country are leftover from the Revolutionary Wars of the late 1800s. While the idea of inheriting a beautiful estate may seem like a dream to visitors, it’s a nightmare for families who have been unable to afford the upkeep or taxes on these incredible properties.

Villa Sbertoli was once used as an asylum. It has retained its Renaissance inspired interior decor, boasting ornate trim, incredible paintings, and a haunting emptiness that offbeat explorers will love.

Secrets of the Medici

The Medici dynasty was a family that ruled over Tuscany for hundreds of years, dating back to the 1400s. Throughout Florence, you’ll find echoes of their rule with many buildings still attributed to their legacy. As with any ruling family, there are skeletons in their closet that weren’t discovered until years after their rule came to an end.

In the Medici Hall of Maps, you’ll find 54 handpainted maps from the Renaissance era, surrounded by hundreds of other paintings from the time. The room also features an enormous metal sphere that has been weathered throughout the ages. During the heyday of the Medici dynasty, this heavy globe was constructed to spin with the slightest touch.

Down the road, you’ll find the Medici Chapel. Within that chapel, you’ll find a secret chamber where Michelangelo once hid during the political turmoil in Florence. Michaelangelo was a patron of the Medici family, and often completed commissioned works for their luxurious halls.

While hiding in the secret chamber, Michelangelo passed the time by sketching on the walls using the charcoal he had with him at the time of the attack. These went undiscovered until the 1970s, nearly five hundred years after the fact. You can see these with special permission at the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

The Oak of the Witches

Pinnochio is a classic story with Italian origins that has been passed along through generations. Author Carlo Collodi was inspired by his favorite writing spot, the Oak of the Witches.

This 600-year-old tree stands out amidst the beautiful natural elements that make Tuscany so iconic. With twisted black branches, the Oak of the Witches grows horizontally rather than vertically, giving it a fairytale-like aesthetic. Legend says that this oak tree was where ancient witches would perform their rituals and magic, dancing on the branches as they chanted. These actions led to the deformation and dark appearance of the tree.

The tree, also called “The Oak Tree of Pinocchio,” was named a national monument in 2012. At almost 80 feet tall, the foliage covers 120 feet around the base. Visit this tree and learn the history of the area at Villa Carrara in San Martino.

Take the Path Less Traveled

For an authentic travel experience to Tuscany, get off the beaten path, and be open to visiting some of the lesser-known attractions. You never know if you might discover the next hidden chamber of Michaelangelo or fairytale forest.


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-black-short-coat-puppy-on-black-window-car-134392/

So, you don’t like the thought of traveling alone. You’ve got no one to take Instagram-ready photos. You’re in your photos 99% of the time and, at some point, you get tired of selfies. What’s more, it’s depressing to say the least to eat alone. The sight of one person sitting alone at the table isn’t a pleasant one.

If you have a hard time finding a travel buddy, why don’t you take your dog along with you? Undoubtedly, dogs make the best travel companions they’re happy to go wherever you go. No matter if you’re heading to the south of France or Oregon, your furry friend will be by your side all the time. Dogs know where the best restaurants and patios are. Plus, canine companions make fantastic icebreakers, so it’s easier to befriend the locals.

If you’re traveling with your pet in the near future, there are some things to keep in mind. Ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone. The following tips will surely come in handy if you bring your pet along for the fun.


Make copies of all pet-related documents

Before you leave, make sure to have copies of the most important documentation. In case you’re traveling internationally, reach out to your vet and disclose your plans. Your fluffy buddy needs a passport, rabies shot, and a certificate that proves the recent vaccination. The worst nightmare of all would be to arrive at the airport and realize that you don’t have the necessary documentation.

It’s a good idea to call the airline once you book the trip and see what requirements they have. Who knows? Maybe your pet will be allowed to stay in the main cabin. Officials will want proof that your dog is healthy and, most importantly, vaccinated. Make sure you have several copies of your dog’s records with you at all times.

Maybe you’ll visit a new veterinary abroad. If this is necessary, it’s mandatory to provide your canine friend’s medical records. Getting hold of the medical records isn’t a problem. All you have to do is to call your vet and tell them about your situation. For boarding the plane, you may need to include a Confirmation of Feeding and provide a checklist for the airline handlers.

Book a non-stop flight, if possible

Booking a flight doesn’t need to be confusing. If possible, try to book a non-stop flight. This way, your furry friend will be less traumatized by the whole experience. Just think about it. The dog can get nauseous during the trip. Dogs frequently vomit due to motion sickness. Additionally, they experience cardiovascular and respiratory issues, even if they are in the main cabin. The point is that traveling can be stressful and dangerous for pets.

If you can, make a direct flight reservation. A direct flight shouldn’t be confused with a non-stop flight. They aren’t the same thing. So, what’s the difference? If you book a non-stop flight, you’ll be flying from one airport to the other in record time. If you book a direct flight, on the other hand, you’ll be making a few stops along the way. It’s not so convenient.

Now that you know the correct use of the terms “non-stop” and “direct”, you know what to do. Be clear about your preferences when discussing with the airline company and the gate staff when making bookings.

Don’t assume it’s a NO

Are you thinking about visiting Portland, Oregon? You couldn’t have made a better decision. Portland has about 33 dog parks, so it’s a national leader in this respect, not to talk about all the places that welcome dogs with arms wide open. Examples include but aren’t limited to restaurants, breweries, patios, and even several hotels. Yes, you can find pet-friendly accommodation Portland. So, you don’t have to find ways to sneak your dog into the hotel.

Not all venues are actually pet-welcoming. No matter what the website says, it’s recommended to discuss it with someone from the hotel. Hotels, as well as other types of facilities that ensure accommodation, change their policies on a regular basis. This means that even if an establishment is listed as being pet-friendly, it may not be, in reality.


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/flat-screen-tv-2659629/

Or, you could encounter the exact opposite situation. The establishment doesn’t say no to people bringing in their dogs, but they haven’t had time to put a policy in place. This is why it’s a good idea to ask if it’s okay or not. Just don’t wait until you check into the place to let them know that you have a dog. That would be a mistake.

Take the necessary safety precautions

There’s no better way to connect with your fluffy buddy than to go on vacation together. You’ve made an appointment with the veterinary for a check-up, but perhaps you should take extra safety precautions.

These are the items you should keep with you in your fluffy buddy’s first-aid kit:

  • Alcohol wipes
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Towel/blanket
  • Saline solution
  • Disposable gloves
  • Water bowl
  • Bandages
  • Scissors
  • Comfort toy

The list doesn’t end here, though. See if there’s a veterinary clinic close to the place you’re staying. If there’s a medical emergency you can’t handle yourself, you need professional help. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your lovable pet is in good hands.

Make dog friends

It’s no secret that dogs are social animals. They’re well adapted to living in groups and can even interpret human gestures. Your furry friend needs human and animal friends alike. So, do your best to help your fluffy buddy to make lots and lots of friends on the trip. You can approach other pet owners while walking your dog in the park.

Pets have their own Instagram accounts these days, so make sure to look out for hashtags such as #dogsof in your location or #dogstagram. Chances are that you’ll come across some local pups. Send a message and hope that the owner will respond positively to the invitation. Last but not least, throw a party. Who said that you can’t throw a party while traveling?

Choose a safe place, send the invitations on time, and make sure your pooch has a marvelous time. But who will you invite? The people staying at the hotel. Their dogs need to socialize too.