There are many such days when everyone wants to take the day off and just relax. However, looking for a holiday destination can be very daunting. With the increasing number of holiday destinations, the choices are widening and becoming harder. However, if its summertime, one name always pops up in the head when talking about vacation. That is of Maldives. Located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, this island has quickly become one of the dream destinations among the travel enthusiasts at One of the contributing factors to that is the plethora of hopping openings it offers.

Why has the Maldives risen to this sudden fame?

The Maldives is one of the most breathtaking Islamic countries, which is mostly known for its natural beauty. There is clear water with shallow lagoons that makes it totally appropriate for a swim. However, if you want to take it to the next level, there are reef divers who offer your kaleidoscopes so that you can experience the spectacular coral reefs up close.

What are some things you should avoid doing in the Maldives?

However beautiful this country of islands is, there are certain rules which no resident or visitor should break. Mentioned below are two of those rules:

  1. Do not go to public beaches shirtless:

Being an Islamic country, Maldives has some customs and values that you should know about before you reach there. In Islamic culture, skimpy clothes are often seen as a sign of disrespect. So it is advised that you avoid any such clothing that might get considered as ‘exposing’ in a public setting. However, beaches call for bikinis, and you need the perfect tan while on vacation. You do not have to worry about that, and you can catch some tan in the hotel or resort you are staying in.

  1. Don’t drink or carry alcohol in public:

Although there are resorts and hotels all across the Maldives that offer you alcoholic drinks and cocktails, however, drinking or even carrying any such drink with you in public or local public islands is strictly prohibited. It is not just a matter of etiquettes, but it is prohibited by law, so you might even end up behind bars if caught. Also, you cannot take any alcoholic drink over to the Maldives from any other place. You will anyway have to give it up in the customs counter on arrival in the Maldives. So it’s better that you save yourself from such embarrassments and enjoy this locations of Maldives which are meant to last as a memory for a lifetime. The lifestyle, the culture, and the food are one of the best which are unique in a good way.

Rest assured, you should definitely give the Maldives a visit and enjoy the sheer natural beauty there is. With more than 2000 sorts of fish, including whale sharks, reef sharks and other fish, and such immense natural beauty, Maldives is surely apt for a stress-free vacation, close by.


With so many incredible places to visit and things to see when on holiday in Dubai, including the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, you will undoubtedly need help getting from point A to point B. So, what can you expect from public transport during your time there? Here is a brief overview.

What is the quality of public transport like in Dubai?

The local government has put a lot of effort into improving the city’s public transport system over the past few years, so it certainly isn’t something to shy away from. However, many travellers will agree that the quality of the public transport options is not consistent.

For instance, while the Dubai Metro is fast, clean, and highly impressive, it simply is not extensive enough and can only take you to specific areas within the city. However, there are plans in place to extend it with three more lines.

Dubai’s public transport options

When in Dubai, you will have a choice of the following public transportation options:

Driver and chauffeur services

Due to the fact that public transport in Dubai isn’t always reliable or convenient, many travellers opt to make use of a Dubai safe driver and chauffeur service. Many of these services operate around the clock, as well as offer numerous cost-effective short-term and long-term driving services to ensure that you are covered transport-wise for the duration of your stay in the UAE.

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro trains run every couple of minutes, so you can expect to get to your destination quickly. Having said that, there is almost always a long wait at the various ticket booths, which could extend the time of your journey more than expected.

The great news is that children under the age of five travel free, while adults will be required to purchase a NOL card in order to use the metro system.

Most tourists will do just fine with a Silver NOL card, although you may opt to purchase a Gold NOL card if you wish to travel in the first class carriages.

Both the Silver and Gold NOL cards are valid for a period of five years. If you will only be using the Metro on the rare occasion while you are in the region, then purchasing a ‘Red Ticket’ may be a better option for you. This ticket can be loaded with up to 10 trips or, alternatively, five daily passes.

Just remember that there is no eating or drinking allowed while on board the train. You are certain to incur a heavy fine if you are caught breaking this rule!


Travellers can use the same NOL cards that they use to travel via the metro in order to travel on Dubai trams. You will not have to pay anything extra. Unfortunately, though, tram lines are currently quite limited.


Are you going to be travelling to The Palm? If so, the Dubail Monorail will get you there quickly and efficiently. The Dubai Monorail connects to the tram line at Palm Jumeirah station. The only down side is the fact that the Monorail utilises a separate ticketing system to the Metro and the tram, so you will be unable to pay using your NOL card. Only cash is accepted and a single trip costs 15AED. You will pay 25AED for a return ticket.

Bottom Line

However you choose to travel through Dubai, be sure to enjoy your time spent in this incredible city/emirate. After all, there is a reason why it is fondly referred to as ‘The City of Gold’!


A Guide to Holidaying in Cyprus

by Julia on December 4, 2019

Romantic coves, rich in culture, and boasting a pleasant climate all year round, it is easy to understand why Cyprus is such a popular tourist destination – especially for those in search of a classic beach holiday with a few amazing extras. Here is everything that you need to know about holidaying in Cyprus and why you would want to in the first place.

Where to stay

There is no shortage of hotels and resorts in Cyprus. However, if you are really looking to beat the crowds, enhance your privacy, and make the most of your time away, it would be to your advantage to consider staying in a villa instead. The villas in Cyprus will satisfy every possible need. For example, most villas will be able to sleep up to six people and come with air conditioning for maximum comfort, as well as free WiFi for your entertainment and convenience. Don’t forget the private pool! When you stay in a villa just once, you will never return to a boring hotel ever again.

When to go

Cyrpus’s climate is sub-tropical and is generally pleasant throughout the year. Its warmest months are July and August, where temperatures average at 31 and 33 degrees Celsius respectively. January and February with average temperatures of 17 degrees Celsius during the day. From a rainfall perspective, most of it takes place during December and January when the sea is a bit too cold to swim in. If you are keen to enjoy a beach holiday with all of the trimmings, the best time to visit Cyprus is anytime from June through to October. However, be aware that the peak season is in summer, which is June – August each year.

Which beaches to visit

This can be tricky as there are just so many to choose from. Having said that, some of the most popular beaches and areas for general relaxation and water activities include Coral Bay which is perfect for boating and swimming, and due to the shallow waters is the best place to takes your kids. However, if you would prefer a more chilled beach experience without all the watersports, Lara Beach is the place for you!

What to do

Aside from spending hours working on your tan and taking in the beauty of the beaches, there are many other amazing things to see and do in Cyprus. The most notable attraction is arguably Aphrodite’s Rock, which can be found in Paphos. The large, uniquely formed rock is a sight the behold in itself, but it is also sought-after due to the fact that it is said to mark the birthplace of Aphrodite.

The Tombs of the Kings is a massive ancient necropolis that provides insight into the history of the region and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Nature and animal lovers will also enjoy visiting Akamas which is essentially a nature reserve in which you will find numerous memorable adventures, including breath-taking lagoons, endless vistas, and adorable sea turtles.

As you can see, Cyprus has plenty to offer tourists from all around the globe. If you have yet to book your flight tickets for 2020, now is the time to do so!


Spend Your Honeymoon in Alaska

by Julia on December 3, 2019

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Considered to be ‘The Last Frontier’, Alaska is incredibly picture perfect. With an abundance of rugged mountain landscapes, icy tundras and imposing glaciers, the forty-ninth state of the United States of America is in a league of its own. With its arrestingly beautiful yet wild and mysterious aura, it’s no wonder that Alaska is often a go-to destination for adventure seekers.

But what if you’re not planning to go to Alaska for a high stakes adrenaline rush? What if you want to spend your honeymoon there? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Alaska that will make your honeymoon memorable.

How to Get to Alaska

Alaska can be reached via land, air, or sea transportation. However, a lot of people visiting Alaska prefer to go by plane.

Best Time to Visit Alaska

Depending on what your itinerary is, there are two best times to head over to Alaska for a honeymoon. April to May is Alaska’s spring season, which is perfect for daytime exploration due to the longer days and the sun being out for long hours. However, if you’re planning to focus on cuddling sessions, you may want to hold out until November, which is the start of winter weather in Alaska and a lot more darkness.

Where to Stay in Alaska

Depending on what your plans are, there are a lot of places to stay in Alaska. Ski lodges are a good option for newlyweds who plan on doing a lot of winter sports. However, you can also have a more personal experience staying in family-owned lodges like Baycrest Lodge.

Where to Go in Alaska

Alaska is so full of natural wonders, it can be very difficult to choose what to visit. Depending on your interests, Alaska has plenty of options.

Kenai Lake is a perfect place for you and your partner to relax by the water. You can spend a day fishing here, or rent a kayak and go kayaking on the lake’s pristine blue waters.

If you and your partner are into the music scene, you can head over to a town called Chicken, where you can participate in the annual Chickenstock Music Festival held every June.

Fairbanks is a city in Alaska that is a popular place to view the Aurora Borealis during the colder seasons. If you are interested in a mesmerizing light show put on by Mother Nature, you can spend a night at the Borealis Base Camp and watch the aurora from within your room.

Alaska is also home to the highest peak in North America. The Denali National Park and Preserve spells out adventure for newlyweds who are into outdoor experiences. Here, you can have a little taste of the Alaska wilderness as you go biking or hiking during the day. If you want to, you can also set up camp in designated areas and watch the starlit night sky with your partner.

Alaska is a treasure trove of natural wonders that are so beautiful and picturesque they will leave honeymooners breathless. Schedule your honeymoon to last for at least a week and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.


How to Prepare for a Hike: 10 Main Tips

by Julia on November 28, 2019

Hiking is a very unique way of traveling. It lets a person to explore nature as well as find unexpected sides of their own personality. However, it is not an easy task for beginners. Here are several important steps that will ensure your hiking experience is the best.

  1. Improve your stamina

Hiking can be a great adventure shared with your friends. However, you have to be physically prepared. Hiking usually takes a lot of walking with the weight of your backpack, and it is better to prepare. Cardio workouts will be the most useful, as the goal is to build up stamina. You can opt for home training machines. For example, elliptical reviews will help you choose the perfect cardio tool.

  1. Buy the equipment

There can be no hiking without proper gear. Although it can be expensive to buy all at once, it can serve for years. The first thing you need to consider is a tent and a sleeping bag. They should be light so it is easier to carry them. You will also need a spacious backpack to store all the essentials you will need during a hike. As for the clothes, it depends on the season. The main criterion: comfort. You should be comfortable in your clothes as you will spend a lot of time walking. Moreover, you will need to buy cooking essentials such as pot and a frying pan.

  1. Prepare a route

When it comes to the technical part of the hike, the first thing will be to prepare a route and determine the duration of your adventure. If you are a beginner, we would recommend starting with no more than a 2-day-hike. The route should also be fairly easy. You need to determine the starting point as well as a destination. Moreover, it is better to calculate how many kilometers you will walk a day and where the stopping points will be. Having a strict plan is going to be helpful for beginners.

  1. Mental preparation

Although it is important to consider all technical aspects, you also need to prepare yourself mentally. For urban people, who live in gadgets and the internet, it will be a new experience to be disconnected for a few days. Spending a couple of days channeling nature without the internet and social networking can be difficult. That is why preparing mentally is crucial: you can avoid a shock of the new state of mind and body.

  1. Leg strength

Besides improving your stamina, you also need to work on your leg strength before going hiking. If to train stamina we recommended the elliptical from, for leg strength you need to work out with weights regularly. If you come unprepared, your legs will hurt and be swollen after hours of walking daily.

  1. Go with a group of friends

There are hikes to connect with nature and clear a person’s head. This is usually an individual adventure of an experienced hiker. However, for the first couple of times, we would suggest gathering a group of friends and share this incredible experience with them. It will be a lot more fun doing it collectively. Moreover, if a difficult situation occurs, it will be easier to deal with it with some friends. You will also be able to save some money on the equipment as several people can sleep in one tent.


South America is full of the most awesome destinations. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come to this beautiful continent. The great thing with South America is that even if you have been here multiples times before, there is still something new for you to discover. Perhaps, this is why you can see people that come to South America almost every year.

South America has beautiful islands, beaches, and wildlife. You will also see some of the most beautiful national parks here with charming towns, and exciting cities. No wonder, a visit to South America can be very overwhelming because you have lots of choices. Interestingly, most people who have never been to South America before and have no one to guide them end up choosing the wrong place. However, this won’t be you since you are already here reading this article.

Today, you will learn about some of the most amazing destinations in South America. We have compiled this list based on the actual experience of other tourists like you who have visited South America and recommended these amazing destinations. Keep on reading to find them.

7 Most Amazing South America Destinations You Need To Visit

1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

If you have never been to Bolivia before, then you cannot afford to miss this destination on your South America tour. It is the world’s largest salt flat. Salar de Uyuni has been named as the most popular tourist destinations in Bolivia. The best time to visit this place is during the wet season. Once it is wet, you can take an awe-inspiring photo.

2. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

No one would believe that you visit South America if you have never been to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. It is by far one of the most visited tourist destinations on earth. Every year, the Galapagos Islands receive millions of visitors from all over the world. Today, the Galapagos Island is still in its immaculate condition thanks to the good job done by the government of Ecuador and the people that manage this place. When you come to the Galapagos Island, you will witness animals roaming freely and peacefully.

3. Machu Picchu, Perú

The Machu Picchu, Perú never disappoints. It is known as the pride of Perú. The Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century. However, it was later abandoned and then get rediscovered. Today, it is considered a sacred city and it is famous as one of the archaeological wonders in South America. Millions of people come to Machu Picchu, Perú every year to see this place for its beauty and learn the story behind it.

4. The Church Inside a Canyon, Colombia

Until today, most people still wonder how this ancient church was built in the middle of the canyon of the Colombian Guáitara River between 1916 and 1948. Back then, there were no sophisticated technologies like we have today. Thus, it is considered an archaeological marvel. This church is still a very popular destination for Catholics from all over the world. People come to see it because it is an ornate basilica-style architecture.

5. Colorful Desert Ocean, Peru

Every tourist that visited Peru can’t help but wonder how this magnificently varied ombré of colors exists in the desert. Interestingly, it has a simple explanation. It exists because it straddles two different ecosystems which include a marine coast and a desert. This colorful ocean is located about a 40-minute drive from Pisco. You certainly need to see it on your visit to South America.

6. Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

One your visit to South America, you should consider visiting the conical-shaped stratovolcano. In recent years, this place has become one of the biggest attractions in South America. It is located in Ecuador and hiking lovers consider it a haven. Even if you don’t enjoy hiking, you will still enjoy seeing how beautiful this place looks.

7. The Blissful Seaside, Uruguay

Uruguay is a country you don’t want to miss when you travel to South America. Nothing beats having a relaxing vacation by the seaside in Punta del Este, Uruguay. You will almost feel like you are in paradise. Besides, Punta del Este is a coastal city and it is very popular for its arts. While you are here, we recommend that you also visit the 18th-century lighthouse which is located close to it.

Final Words

Are you planning a visit to South America? Great choice! South America has so many places you can visit on a budget. In fact, you can enjoy an awesome vacation here even if you are a student. One of the best ways to save money on your next vacation is to visit South America. Even if you are short on time you can take advantage of a quick visit with this 4 days program by Voyagers. Additionally, you can also search for deals and discounts online.


Top 5 Things To Do In San Diego, California

by Julia on November 26, 2019

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. Located in Southern California, the city is brimming with beautiful beaches, great weather all year long and endless outdoor attractions. You will definitely fall in love with this city of sunshine. San Diego always has a coastal temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego is also the perfect place to chill with your dog! Exploring the sandy beaches of San Diego with your furry friend is an absolute joy! There are many pet friendly hotels in San Diego that make it easier for you to bring your dog. Some notable pet-friendly hotels in San Diego include Old Town Inn, Bahia Resort Hotel and The Sofia Hotel.

With the basics out of the way, let’s look at the five best things to do in San Diego

Coronado Island:

Coronado Island, located just off the coast of San Diego, has been repeatedly voted as one of the best beaches in the U.S. The beach has beautiful pristine sand, gentle surf and a delightful village. There are two ways to get to the island. Either take the Coronado Bay Bridge or take the Coronado Ferry. The island has the historic Hotel del Coronado, where the film Some Like it Hot was shot starring Marilyn Monroe. The hotel is an architectural marvel that was built in 1888. It’s a designated National Historic Landmark. There are rumors that this hotel inspired the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. On the island, you’re likely to stumble upon a variety of beach weddings. Coronado is a pretty popular place to get married. The island is also home to a village that has elegant gardens, peculiar shopping, high-class dining options, and old-world mansions. You can find many bike rental places on the island. Touring the Islands beachfront boardwalk is an enjoyable experience.

Balboa Park:

Built over an area of 1200 acres, Balboa Park is a cultural and botanical park found in downtown San Diego. The park has an endless number of attractions. It’s a good idea to do some research in advance to map out attractions that pique your interest if you’re low on time. At Balboa Park, you will find art and natural history museums, botanical gardens, San Diego Zoo, and several theatres and restaurants. The site is one of the oldest places in the United States dedicated to recreational use by the public. The park has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It has a place in the National Register of Historic Places. If you want the full experience of the park, spend at least two to three days.

SeaWorld San Diego:

The San Diego Seaworld, located on Mission Bay, is the perfect place for a joyful family outing. You can explore spectacular sea life enclosures and aquariums that feature dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, otters, seals, both ocean and freshwater fish, and many more. Their Electric show is top-rated among guests. The entire park is illuminated akin to bio-luminescence that transforms the whole place into an underwater wonderland of sound and light. The park also has it’s signature rides. The top ones include Submarine Quest, Manta Coaster, Journey to Atlantis, and the brand new Tidal Twist. There’s also a separate Sesame Street themed children’s playground.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park:

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is often associated with the San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park. The safari park is situated a half hour’s drive north of downtown San Diego however. The park encompasses an area of 1800 acres of preserved land. It features around 2600 animals from 300 species. There are also 3500 spiecies of plants. The animals in the park roam around in large enclosures instead of small exhibits. As a result, you’ll be seeing animals in an environment that is very close to their natural habitat as possible. Animals indigenous to arid climates are exhibited here. African animals are the most popular here.

You can take a tram that encircles the free-range Africa enclosures to see animals like rhinos, buffaloes, cranes, and giraffes. There’s a lot to do in this place. You can check out a gorilla family, see cheetahs reaching top speeds, walkthrough lemur enclosures, visit a petting zoo to pet some cute animals, visit the tiger exhibit or hike in the botanical gardens. The entire preserve is massive. The park also offers special tours like the “Roar and Snore” where you can camp out in tents or take a jeep into the animal enclosures for up-close photos. The park features keeper talks throughout the day, which are educational demonstrations and animal shows. If you plan on visiting, make sure to arrive early and enjoy the first tram ride in the morning to avoid long lines

USS Midway Museum:

The museum is located on the harbor in San Diego. The aircraft carrier became a historical museum after it was retired, dedicating the rest of its life to preserving U.S. military history. You’ll find many engaging real-life stores in the museum. Compared to most other museums, The USS Midway Museum is very welcoming towards younger visitors. Children can and are encouraged to touch everything they find interesting, flip switches in the cockpits of jets and even chill on top of the captain’s chair on the bridge. The flight deck offers breathtaking views of downtown San Diego, Coronado Island, the San Diego Bay, Point Loma, and Seaport Village.

Give these places a visit when you visit San Diego!