Best Golf Breaks in Lisbon

by Julia on January 28, 2020

Lisbon offers golfers a fascinating cultural experience combined with an unforgettable golf escape, making it the perfect golf destination in Europe. This enchanting province offers a vibrant culture and rich history, however, for golfing purposes, a Golf Breaks in Lisbon serves only as the airport gateway to the numerous golfing favourites to be enjoyed!

Golf in Lisbon is ever growing in popularity and is a must feature on you golf travel portfolio. The possibility of a unforgettable golf holiday in Lisbon is endless. Talk to our experts here at Golf Holidays Direct who are on hand to plan your next Lisbon golf holiday package.

Look through our range of the best golf courses in Lisbon below that will be sure to satisfy even the most demanding of golfers. If you have any specific questions about the golf courses you can visit please do get in touch. Excellent variety of different golf courses, Great nightlife, Good standard of accommodation, Warm weather, English widely spoken, Incredible beaches and amazing sun all year round

The key areas to visit on your next golf break to Lisbon include Obidos and Cascais. Obidos is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque towns in Portugal, and conveniently for golfers in Portugal, this beautiful walled medieval town is located just an hours’ drive away from Lisbon. Alternatively, Cascais also offers golfers a mass of attractions – not just fantastic golf courses. Here, golfers can enjoy a seaside weekend retreat in an idyllic town.


Thailand is a diverse and colorful country that has everything for everyone. The backpacking lifestyle is popular here, but tourists who want to experience the island life or go on a cultural trip can also find plenty of attractions and activities in this Asian gem.

When it comes to popularity, Bangkok definitely holds the crown of being the top choice of vacationers visiting the country. The capital is known for its vibrant street life as well as its numerous cultural attractions that range from modern to traditional. It is also the most accessible to tourists, with flights landing directly on its airports from multiple cities around the world. Thanks to its accessibility, many vacationers choose it as the entryway to the country before jumping off to different parts of Thailand that are less touristy but are equally as beautiful.

Chiang Mai—also known as the Rose of the North—,on the other hand, is a city in the mountainous region of Thailand that is a popular drop-off point of many tourists who have visited the capital. Unlike Bangkok, which is known for its vibrant and lively lifestyle, the country’s second-largest city exudes a more peaceful vibe and charm. Many vacationers who want to experience the full Thailand experience choose to drop by for a visit here for a chance to marvel at its many attractions that are reminiscent of the country’s rich past.

There are three travel options that you can choose from if you are considering to follow the Bangkok to Chiang Mai route. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to go by plane, train, or bus. Here’s a detailed guide that will give you an idea of what to expect from each.

By Air

Many travelers choose to go to Chiang Mai by air out of convenience. Compared to catching a bus or a train, flying to the city only takes about an hour from Bangkok. The downside, of course, is that it is the most expensive option out of the three, with tickets setting you back at least 5,000 baht if you’re gunning for the more expensive (and last minute booked) flights.

The good news is that there are also many low-cost airlines that shuttle visitors to and fro between these two cities. Ticket price does vary depending on the season (expect more expensive flights during holidays like the Songkran/Thai New Year and Chinese New Year), but you can also score flights for as low as 1,000 baht if you book early or chance upon a promotion.

Low-cost airlines going to Chiang Mai like Air Asia, Nok Air, and Lion Air operate on Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport, while Thai Vietjet Air and Thai Smile Airways use Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand’s main airport. There are more than 50 flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai every week.

By Train

With almost half a day of travel time, it is almost impossible to believe that there are travelers who choose to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train. However, this mode of transportation is actually quite a popular option because it gives commuters the chance to marvel at the wonderful scenery between the two cities. The journey time can range from 12 to 15 hours, and you can choose to book different class tickets on the rides shuttling between Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok and Chiang Mai station.

Third class tickets are the most affordable, but they aren’t the most comfortable with their wooden seats and stuffy, overcrowded carriages. Second-class carriages which cost about 800 baht have better (and reclining) seats, but they also don’t come with air-conditioning. Those who don’t mind shelling out a little extra for the sake of comfort can go for the first-class sleeper seats which can cost around 2,000 baht.

Many tourists choose to book their tickets at night to make the almost half a day travel time more bearable. First-class rooms are the most expensive, but they do come with a bed that can sleep four people at most. Bunks in second-class carriages, on the other hand, are more affordable, though they don’t offer as much privacy that the private (and lockable) rooms offer. When choosing bunk beds, it is best to go for the lower ones because they provide more space than the top bunks. They are, however, are a little bit more expensive than the latter.

Train tickets can be bought in Bangkok’s main train stations, but they can also be bought online or through travel agents. Make sure to book as early as you can because seats also get filled up pretty quickly! There are about six trains going to and fro Bangkok and Chiang Mai every day.

By Bus

Another affordable option to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is through the bus. Travel time is actually a lot shorter than using trains, with Chiang Mai-bound buses taking only about nine to 12 hours before reaching the city. Depending on the type of bus you book, you can expect to pay between 450 to 860 baht.

Second class public buses are, obviously, cheaper than the VIP ones but you have to be prepared for some level of discomfort during the ride. Many buses in this category promise to have air-conditioning, for example, but you can’t expect all of them to work. VIP buses are the smarter way to go if you want a more comfortable travel experience because they have more reliable air-conditioning as well as better seats and their own toilets.

If you don’t want to get a public bus, you can also grab a ride from private tour companies that run their own shuttles. Unlike government buses that you can grab on the Mo Chit terminal (Bangkok’s Northern Bus Station), these private buses can usually pick up passengers in different parts of the city. Since they are private, however, many perceive them to be less reliable than the ones run by the government.

When choosing your mode of travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, always go back to your preferences first before making adjustments according to your budget. This will make it easier for you to compromise in case your demands for comfort doesn’t quite fit your allowance. Traveling by air is best if you’re willing to pay in exchange for lesser hassles, but going through the train or bus is not so bad if you’re in for a little adventure on the road.


Places to go for a romantic camping experience

by Julia on January 23, 2020

Want to spice up your relationship with your partner and do fun activities together? Camping is one way you can enjoy a romantic time together and it also allows both of you to kick back, relax and have some healing time from the hectic life. Campsites provide the best atmosphere for couples to get intimate as they are able to enjoy each other’s presence in a private and calm setting. In this article, we will reveal some of the best campsites for couples to go on a romantic trip. Without further introduction, let’s take a look!

High Oaks Grange

High Oaks Grange is a popular short trip getaway destination as it has received an award for being the best holiday destination. It offers glamping pods as well as high-quality woodland lodges. The style captures a perfect balance between the countryside and the contemporary that exudes a sense of luxury. This is a place ideal for couples, who will get to wake up to a stunning view of the Vale of Pickering. Besides, it has sound facilities such as high-speed wifi indoors. Whereas, outdoors, you get to enjoy a modern, exposed living area where you can chill by the campfire and get cozy with your partner over a few glasses of drinks and some delicious barbequed meat to go along with it.

Lloyds Meadow Glamping

For those seeking tranquility, Lloyds Meadow Glamping is the perfect place. It is only opened to adults and allows visitors to take a break in peace away from all the noise of the city. It is also situated in a location where the surroundings can get pretty dim at night and this lack of light pollution provides for stargazing opportunities. This is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere for couples, who can choose to stargaze at the amazing view of the sky, or, if you wish, in each other’s eyes. The setting is so peaceful and beautiful, filling the air with so much intimate lovey-dovey feels.

Mountview Lochinver

Located beside the Lochinver Bay, the water reflects the sun’s rays. The sparkling and shimmering water is the perfect backdrop for Mountview Lochinver, adding to its magical appeal. The place is ideal for couples with its glamping pod, lovely log cabins and a cottage for them to choose to sleep in. Besides, there are private hot tubs for them to relax and have a nice shower. As for available activities, the place is great for fishing enthusiasts because of the nearby river. At night, barbeque sessions can also be held. Otherwise, couples can also enjoy a romantic break indoors with all the equipped necessary facilities such as TV, music system and kitchen area.

Longnor Wood Holiday Park

For those looking for a peaceful holiday, Longnor Wood Holiday Park is ideal as it is surrounded by woodland and farmland, far away from the bustling cities. Hence, it is perfect for couples to enjoy a getaway and immerse themselves in private quality time with each other. They can also explore the stunning Peak District and spend precious moments with each other.

Acorn Ponds Glamping Site

As another adult-only camping site, Acorn Ponds is peaceful and perfect for couples. They provide three unique glamping spaces that are surrounded by woodland paths and ponds. Staying here also provides access to spectacular views and most importantly, a serenity that is hard to come by today. Being able to relax and breathe in the fresh air provided by the greenery, this site is ideal for couples to enjoy a romantic and relaxing getaway.

Cosy Under Canvas

Another award-winning glamping site, Cosy Under Canvas is a unique and eco-friendly camping site that has everything provided for couples to enjoy an unconventional yet fun-filled camping session. It has a range of facilities, including a private hot tub and each dome has its fire pit to maintain a warm and fuzzy temperature. They are also exceptionally comfortable to stay at as they meticulously provide soft furnishings, Welsh blankets, and fluffy cushions as examples. It is a perfect place for couples to take a break from their hectic life and enjoy the wonders of simplicity.

Mulino Pods

Wake up to a spectacular view of the Carsington Water in the morning as you rise from your pods at Mulino Pods! The place has three types of glamping pods to offer and all of them allow for optimal privacy as your only neighbors are sheep from the farm! While guests can choose to stay cozy and at home inside the pods, they also can choose to mingle outside, especially at the BBQ area if they are ever down for a feast!

Oaklands Glamping and Treehouse

Oaklands Glamping and Treehouse offers the best luxury experience you can ever get to escape from the boredom of everyday mundane lifestyle. Set in the heart of Mid Wales, guests would be able to get to Snowdonia National Park and Lake Vyrnwy with ease. The place is also well-equipped with all-rounded facilities such as hot tub, BBQ pits, underfloor heating, kitchen and they even provide fine bedding material for a good night’s rest.

Safari Cornwall

Safari Cornwall is set in the countryside and as such, it is the place to go to get away from the city! It is the perfect place to relieve your worries and accumulated stress from work as you can soak them all out in your very own private hot tub outdoors! While you get to soothe your tense muscles, you also get to enjoy the night sky and gaze at the stars.

Secret Cloud House Holidays

Secret Cloud House Holidays is perfect for couples who plan to go on a short sweet break as it features a private hot tub, mesmerizing views, comfy furnishing, and even a mini-kitchen so they can spend quality time whipping up a dish and dining together. Often, we can take for granted such simple activities in life as we overlook them as we go about our busy schedules. Hence, this site allows people to take a step back and live in the moment without having to think about their worries, illustrating how ideal it is for couples to simply enjoy being in each other’s presence.

Having reached the end of this article, this sums up some romantic uk campsites for couples to consider going, such that they can take well-deserved time off to relax and have fun with each other’s company.


Places To Visit In New Zealand

by Julia on January 22, 2020

An island bringing two islands together, north island and south island, New Zealand is a place of infinite beauty. Having picturesque landscapes, lush sceneries, breathtaking lakes, greenery and mountains, the country is packed with everything that a human eye finds fascinating and pleasing. If you are are a travel enthusiast or someone who is planning a trip abroad the first time intending to go to a place that is filled with beauty, then New Zealand it the best place to visit.

If you have already planned a visit to New Zealand, then you must know what the place has to offer before you step into that country. You should know about every scenic to adventurous places so you can manage your trip effectively and have maximum fun. In this article, we will try to cover the maximum aspects of New Zealand so after reading this you will have a pretty solid idea of what to head for directly when you land there.

Milford Sound

As suggested by many travelers who have already seen the place, Milford is the must-go-to place if you visit New Zealand. Often, referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the place is breathtakingly beautiful. It is packed with spectacular glaciers, mountains, and landscapes that hold the evidence of the time when they were created so beautifully that one could just stare at them for an infinite amount of time.

If you like observing nature from every possible angle, then opt for a sightseeing cruise through the entire fjord. While boating on the long scenic lake fjord, you will come across many striking waterfalls, some of them are permanent while some of them are temporarily formed after rainfall. You will also get to observe the wildlife of the fjord that is as beautiful as the lake and the place itself.

If you love underwater marine life but you cannot summon enough courage to swim deep into the sea either because you have water phobia or you do not know how to swim, then Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory is a must place for you to go. It is a floating observatory that goes 30 feet deep and you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the underwater life from there without getting wet even a bit.

Bay of Islands 

Consisting of 144 islands that lie between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett, Bay of Islands is a dream destination for those who want to experience everything in one place. There is so much to do there that you would not be able to decide where to start and what to do first.

You can go for scuba diving or if you are a marine life lover, you can explore the underwater world. You can also go for a Dolphins cruise by Fullers GreatSights which will give you a great opportunity to observe the beautiful marine life of all the 144 islands. Through the cruise, you will also get an opportunity of observing the delightful landscapes of all the islands and the famous hole in the rock or Piercy island.


The largest city of New Zealand, having the modern infrastructure and very fast-paced life, the place is the best choice to start your trip from as many international flights arrive at Auckland Airport. While you are in Auckland, you should explore the city’s day as well as night’s life.

If you are an adventurous soul who seeks thrill in everything then Auckland is the place for you. You can go for bungee jumping from the top of the Auckland Harbour bridge that is 40 meters high. Where the city has sky towers, it also has beautiful landscapes just like all the other places in New Zealand. You can explore these magnificent viewpoints through mountain biking or cycling.

The fun does not end there. You can enjoy adrenaline-boosting rides at the Rainbow’s End Theme Park of Auckland. If you are with your kids, the park has many family-friendly rides as well. For some classic experience, you can go sailing on America’s Cup Yacht at full speed and have a whole new experience of viewing the landscapes.

Since New Zealand is an island, you can have an amazing underwater life experience in every city. In Auckland, you will have the opportunity of going for snorkeling, which will enable you to observe the marine life present in the oceans of Auckland. If you are someone who loves knowing about different cultures, visit museums and art galleries.


Another adventurous city for thrill-seeking travelers is Queenstown. It is a place packed with activities that instantly boost adrenaline and give you a refreshing energy boost. These activities include bungee jumping, river rafting, skydiving, and jet boating. The highest cliff jump of the world is found in Queenstown which makes you go for a skydive above canyon river, provided by Shotover Canyon Swing.

The place is also home to many wonderful dining scenes, so if you feel hungry after enjoying the energetic activities, you can go for scrumptious meals in restaurants that are set in front of magnificent city views.

Caves of New Zealand

Numerous caves in New Zealand have antique and old formations that one gets completely lost in the world of nature. Waitomo Glowworm caves are unique caves that are home to thousands of glowworms that illuminate the entire area under the cave. You can take a sailing trip through these caves under the beautiful illumination of the worms while the tour guide tells you about their science.

Other caves like Rotorua, Aranui Cave, and Ruakuri are equally as brilliantly formed as the glowworm ones. The Ruakari cave starts with spiral entrance and leads to much more glowworms filled path, and the best part about this cave is you can go on foot rather than sailing through the sea.

This is only a glimpse into what New Zealand has to offer when you plan a trip there. For detailed information about every spot worth visiting in New Zealand, read a Guide to New Zealand by Exploring This Rock.


In just one year, Americans can spend nearly $762 billion on international leisure travel. Clearly, people in the US know that there are a lot of things to see in the world, and they want to get a glimpse of it all.

If you’re planning to travel outside the country, Southeast Asia is a great choice. The people, the food, the architecture… well, it doesn’t get much better than this region.

Here, we’re going to help you create the perfect Southeast Asia travel itinerary to help you get the most out of your trip!


Thailand- particularly its capital, Bangkok- is one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia with good reason. Known for the beautiful architecture of its many shrines, the city offers a lot of historical sites to check out. You can also wander the plentiful street markets to try authentic Thai curries and purchase handmade local goods.

For more things to do, click on ‘Bangkok, Thailand’ in the ‘destinations’ bar of World Roamer. This site is awesome because it will show you some of the greatest attractions all in one convenient location.


When you leave Bangkok and travel to Laos, consider going to a less populated area for a change of pace. Laos is, after all, home to the Kuang Si Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The natural pools and hot springs in this area make it a great place to relax and spend time with friends, family, or friendly locals.


The temples of Cambodia aren’t an attraction to be missed. From the Angkor Wat and its giant, intricate design to the smiling faces in the architecture of the Bayon, you need to see it all.

Bayon is at the center of the Angkor Thom, one of the most awe-inspiring attractions in Cambodia. The remains of this ancient city are in good shape considering that they were first built in the 12th century. Head to this area and wander a bit- there’s nothing quite like marveling at ruined cities and how they were built so long ago.


Vietnam is another beautiful nation with a rich cultural history. Finish your Southeast Asian tour the way you started it- in a bustling capital city. Like Bangkok, Hanoi has a lot of street markets like the well-known Đồng Xuân Market. Here, you can interact with locals and learn about the realities of living in Vietnam.

Your Southeast Asia Travel Itinerary

Deciding where to put on your Southeast Asia travel itinerary can be a challenge- after all, there are so many rich destinations to travel to! The good news is that when you do your research and choose the places that most interest you, your job will become a whole lot easier.

Now that you know what countries to visit (and where to go within them) when you travel to Southeast Asia, it’s time to get some more tips to make your vacation as great as it can possibly be. Check out the rest of our webpage to get some tips on how to make your trip into the adventure of a lifetime.

Have a great trip!


If you’re a fan of traveling and experiencing new places, you’ve probably stayed in your fair share of Airbnb properties. And perhaps your affinity for these warm and inviting accommodations has convinced you to create your own Airbnb listing to share with the world!

If you’re planning to put your own listing on the Airbnb platform, you need to give it your best shot. For the most part, people want properties that are cozy and charming.

Here are a few ways you can inject warmth into your property:

  1. Welcome Package

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or Airbnb listing where you were greeted with a note and complimentary gift? It makes you feel pretty awesome, right?

Welcome notes and packages make great first impressions. And if you do them right, they don’t have to cost very much.

For just $15, you could leave a bottle of wine and a handwritten note on the counter. Or you might even be more practical than that. Sometimes household items are enough to make a statement.

“A universal power adapter, a few different phone chargers, a hair dryer, an umbrella – all of these items could prove very helpful to your house guests,” GuestReady mentions. “We suggest placing these items outside of your welcome pack with some kind of note along the lines of ‘These items belong to the property and we welcome you to use them during your stay.’”

Thoughtfulness is always more important than the amount of money you spend. Guests want to feel like they’re appreciated and known. Anything you can do to make them feel special will go a long way towards making their stay more meaningful.

  1. Personality Trumps Personal Items

It’s a good idea to show personality in an Airbnb property – but don’t confuse showing personality with showing off a lot of personal items. There’s a difference.

People want to feel like they’re in a unique space, but they don’t necessarily want to feel as if they’re tiptoeing over your stuff. Try to limit the number of family photos and personal effects. Instead, decorate with unique items that express your personality and creativity.

  1. Offer Warmth

Guests want a place that’s cozy and warm. The more you appeal to these desires, the more positive their experiences will be. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • You could quite literally inject some warmth into your property with a wood stove. Even if you don’t permit guests to use it, the mere presence of a charming cast iron stove makes your living room or kitchen look significantly more inviting.

  • Textures are a good thing. In particular, soft blankets, pillows, and rugs over hardwood help make a space feel warm and accepting.

  1. Use Small Touches in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most neglected spaces in the average Airbnb listing. However, when guests stay at a property, the bathroom can be one of the most relaxing spaces. Use small touches – such as complimentary spa products – to make guests feel at home.

  1. Get the Lighting Right

Ditch the harsh, bright lights and opt for warmer lighting throughout your property.

“Warm lighting feels natural to us in the evenings and promotes relaxation,” electrician Bill Lewis explains. “As part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm light seems to relax us and help us wind down for the day, and get ready for sleep.”

The good news is that you can totally change the look of your property by simply swapping out bulbs and changing a few light fixtures. Warm bulbs with dimmable switches make a big difference.

  1. Make it Instagram-Worthy

For better or worse, travelers like to share their experiences on Instagram. If you can incorporate some unique and intriguing design elements into your listing, your guests will feel compelled to share photos online. This essentially gives you free exposure.

Embrace the Unique

An Airbnb listing isn’t supposed to mimic a hotel room. People stay at an Airbnb because they want something with personality. As you design and decorate your space, be sure to embrace the unique by looking for small ways to set your listing apart. Whether it’s an awesome welcome package or an Instagrammable accent wall, tiny touches can foster powerful and positive experiences.


The Best Australian Road Trip Routes

by Julia on January 16, 2020

Are you tired of the monotonous routine that comes with the hustle and bustle of urban daily living? Maybe it’s a sign for you to finally set aside your responsibilities for a moment and escape into the great outdoors that Australia has to offer. To get you started, here are some of our top recommendations for all you road trip lovers out there!

  1. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Thanks to its beautiful scenic drive along the coastline, it’s no surprise that Great Ocean Road is heralded as one of the best routes in Australia to cruise along. Along this road, you’ll get to witness the 12 Apostles, some amazing giant stalagmites that peak out from the beach below the cliff. Additionally, this route isn’t short of other fantastic landscapes, wildlife, and dining spots.

Because it stretches from Allansford to Torquay, Great Ocean Road offers convenient access to Melbourne together with multiple townships along the way like Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Peterborough. Having considered all these phenomenal features of Great Ocean Road, there’s simply no reason for you to not make it your next road trip destination.

  1. Sydney to Melbourne

Given Australia’s vast expanse, you can never really go wrong when planning for your road trips. You’re almost guaranteed to see astounding views no matter which journey you choose. However, many have attested to the beauty that is the coastal road from Sydney to Melbourne. On this route, prepare to be greeted by various quaint little coastal towns and villages such as Kiama, Milton and the like as well as nature reserves such as Wadbilliga National Park. Not to mention the abundance of native flora and fauna coupled with a strong indigenous influence in certain areas that will give you the authentic Australian experience.

  1. The Nullarbor Plain, South Australia heading to Western Australia

Alternatively, if you have more time to spare with an intention of heading west to Perth, why not consider the 2,000km long road that stretches across the vast Nullarbor Plain. Though its reputation of being mostly flat and dry precedes it, do not underestimate the beauty that it offers. It’s teeming with indigenous wildlife — from baby roos to eagles, you’ll surely have the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. However, should you decide to detour from the main road, it’s highly suggested that you own a four-wheel-drive in order to navigate the harsher terrain of the wild, wild west.

  1. Uluru to Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Considerably one of the more unique routes, this three-hour drive will introduce you to a visual spectacular like no other. From the Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon, enjoy this picturesque drive along the Lasseter Highway where you might encounter an animal you’ll least expect all the way down under — wild camels. You can expect a five-day journey with this route or longer if you decide to lengthen your journey by beginning at Alice Springs instead.

  1. Heritage Highway, Tasmania

Situated between Hobart and Launceston, this highway certainly lives up to its name. Once built by convict gangs in the early 1800s, it now boasts a variety of quaint towns and villages from such settlements. Moreover, the journey is sprawled with lush landscapes, delicious cuisines, and delightful cottages for your accommodation considerations. With attractions like these, you can easily prolong your road trip by a few days if you wish.

Furthermore, you can also pay a quick visit to the Heritage Highway Museum and Visitors Centre for a more cohesive touristy experience. Indeed, though it didn’t come from very humble beginnings, consider its reputation redeemed.

  1. The Alpine Way, New South Wales

When you think of Australia, seemingly endless barren deserts are what come to mind for most people. However, just starting from Jindabyne, New South Wales and into the hills of Corryong in Victoria, be prepared to be amazed by Australia’s magnificent Alpine landscape. From the crisp snow caps to the frosty rivers below, this Alpine route guarantees you a picturesque camping spot no matter where you stop. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a wallaby or two. Alternatively, with the arrival of spring, snow thaws to give way to new life; and gum trees will begin to flourish again.

  1. Great Alpine Road, Victoria

If you’re a fan of Alpine trails, get ready to be spoiled for choice because next up on this list is the Great Alpine Road. What used to be a bustling railway track has since been converted into a marvelous trail cutting through a beautiful gorge. Decorated with gorgeous waterfalls and geologic marvels, fancy yourself a relaxing horse trek among the Eucalyptus foliage or the autumnal trees at Bright and end off with some delectable liquor-tasting at the local brewery.

  1. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Just off the coast of Southern Australia, is a little island named after one of Australia’s greatest pride and joy — Kangaroo Island. Driving will never be boring here. Manmade meets nature where endless roads intertwine with gorgeous landscapes and landforms teeming with the rarest wildlife; from hordes of koalas to colonies of penguins, this is one road trip you’re not going to want to miss.

  1. Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales

If mountains aren’t really up your alley, how about some crisp, seaside breeze instead? Just over yonder from Southern Sydney, the Grand Pacific Drive is a gratifying 140km-long road trip with ocean views for days. Upon turning the corner onto the magnificent Sea Cliff Bridge, peek over the cliff’s edge to enjoy nothing but some of the world’s whitest sand beaches (Jervis Bay) and the vast, ocean blue.

  1. Kuranda, Queensland

To get a whiff of fresh, rainforest air, start your route from Cairns and into this pristine haven tucked away from civilization. This World Heritage site is a wonder to behold. As you weave in and out of this tropical maze, roll down your window to enjoy the surround-sound of millions of cicadas humming intensely from the tree trunks in which they call home.

Embarking on road trips will undeniably be an unforgettable adventure. Despite so, you’ll definitely have to make sure that you pick a sturdy and reliable car for your trips. Along with a good car is trusty car insurance to get you all ready to explore Australia. Looking to get your car insured in Australia? Look no further and check out Youi, known for its reputable claims service and bespoke solutions.