Why do people love a beach holiday?

by Julie on June 20, 2017


It’s a pretty big question, and you’re bound to get just as many answers as the number of people you ask. Everyone has their reasons for loving a beach holiday, but there are some reasons that many of us share.

Takes you far away from work

When work is stressing you out and you’re overwhelmed with worries, the best way to relax is to put yourself in a completely different environment. For people that live in the city, the beach is as far away from work as possible. There are no reminders of your responsibilities or your worries, which means that you can get your much needed headspace and make the most of your holiday.

A chance to do nothing

Who ever heard of having a ‘productive’ day at the beach? The problem with getting away to the city or somewhere with lots of tourist attractions is that some people feel as though they need to set an agenda to make sure that experience everything that there is to experience. Rushing around to tourist sites and ticking things off your holiday bucket list can be stressful and effectively ruin a holiday. The great thing about the beach, however, is that there isn’t anything that needs to be ticked off a list. When you’re at the beach, the only think you need to do is relax, swim and sunbathe – and maybe eat a couple of ice creams.

The beach look

The ‘just come back from the beach’ look is one that so many people try to recreate with expensive products and treatments. It’s the textured hair, golden tan and soft skin that completes the gorgeous summer look and a beach holiday is the best way to achieve all of this. There is also a whole list of beauty benefits you get from going to the beach. Sunshine and seawater can dry out spots and seawater is a natural exfoliant in addition to containing silicone, which leaves skin looking tighter and smoother, and containing iodine, which can give you healthy hair follicles.

The science

The magnesium in seawater has a calming effect on your nervous system, which helps you feel more relaxed, and research has shown that the sound of crashing waves can alter the wave patterns in your brain, making you feel calmer. If you find yourself being more energetic at the beach, that might be because of the vitamin D that you get from form the sun. Vitamin D boosts your production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel energised and happy.

The view

There’s just something so peaceful about looking out at the ocean and it’s even more amazing to see if you stay long enough to watch the sunset. The beach is a great place to take photos and if you’re with someone you’re keen on, sitting on the sand and watching the horizon is one of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon.

The activities

If you’re not one for relaxing at the beach then you’re probably the type that indulges in all of the activities. You can play volleyball on the sand or grab a wetsuit and surfboard and hit the waves. On the beach and in the water, there is so much to do and so much fun to be had, and what makes the beach so special is that some of these activities can only take place at the beach.


Consider yourself somewhat of an experienced adventure holiday-maker? It can be hard to find destinations that give you the same thrill once you have travelled to many places around the world, but one that is somewhat of a hidden gem is Alaska.

The largest and most sparsely populated U.S state and found in the isolated location to the northwest of Canada, not many adventure seekers travel here but those that do will have dozens of incredible stories to share. Here are just a few reasons that this should be the top of your list for your next adventure holiday.

Stunning Terrain

Due to its amazing location, Alaska boasts some of the world’s most incredible terrain to explore. This includes endless tundra, towering electric blue glaciers, thick forests, green meadows, virgin lakes and much, much more. This raw and wild natural beauty makes it a very rewarding yet challenging place to explore – the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Rare Wildlife

With such incredible terrain and due to the fact that it is sparsely populated, you will also find an abundance of striking, majestic and rare wildlife here. Brown bears, moose, caribou, polar bears, bison, orcas, bald eagles and humpback whales all call Alaska home. You can see these in their natural habitat when you book your holiday with organisers like Grand American Adventures. These places can arrange expeditions into the National Parks and other areas so that you can safely explore.

Thrilling Activities

These companies can also arrange an array of exhilarating activities. This could include hikes, camping trips, climbing a glacier, cruises along the fjords, dogsledding, helicopter trips and kayaking just to name a few. These will provide even the toughest of adventure seekers with a surge of adrenaline and arm them with many great stories to share.

Charming Towns

Although getting out in nature makes up a lot of an adventure holiday, you will find that the best adventures also involve visiting different towns and speaking to the locals. There are many wonderful, charming and inviting towns in Alaska that are unlike anywhere else in the world due to its surreal location. The Alaskan people are a key part of what makes this such a magical destination.

If you like adventure and unique destinations then you cannot go wrong with the wild, untamed and beautiful state of Alaska. It features some of the most breathtaking terrain and wildlife on the planet, but you will also find the people and culture to be just as fascinating in this isolated destination.


How do you plan a vacation? Let us guess. You start by dreaming of a luxurious trip where you can wear your favourite clothes and pose for the camera at the highest mountain top or against the backdrop of a beautiful beach. Or, maybe you dream of waking up to the sound of birds chirping and a mug of freshly brewed coffee placed on your bedside table.

With these images in mind, you start searching for ‘top places’ and ‘things to do’ at your desired destination and create a list along with the costs and ticket prices. After that, you calculate the airfare, accommodation, food and transportation costs.

In short, the vacation plan depends on your budget entirely. We have all been there, but it does not mean that you should give up on your dream of a luxurious vacation.

Vacations are the one (or more depending on how many you go on!) time of the year where you get to disconnect and relax. It’s easy to worry about the amount it’s costing, but you’ve got to admit it’s completely worth it. Also, it’s still possible to live a life of luxury without completely breaking the bank. For example, you could splash out on travel or accommodation and then be more frugal with how you spend your money once you arrive.

If you want to learn more, here are our 5 hacks.

Book a Luxury Villa

When we talk about booking a luxury villa, it is natural to think of five-digit expenditure per day. Luxury villas provide you a variety of facilities and amenities such as extra beds, transportation, in-house vehicles, babysitting service, special facilities for disabled guests, indoor pools, towels and many other services which are usually not provided in other types of accommodations.

If you compare the cost of booking a luxury villa with the cost of a 2-room suite in a 5-star hotel, you will be shocked to see the difference in pricing. 5-star hotels offer fewer facilities at higher rates compared to luxury villas, which makes these more suitable for people travelling in groups or families.

Travel by a Private Jet

Do you know that you can save at least 50% of the travelling time by hiring a private jet? Waiting around at the airport for hours and dealing with long queues isn’t anyone’s idea of luxury. Neither are cramped planes and unappetising meals. If you really want to live in luxury when on vacation, you should consider travelling in style too.

If you travel frequently, consider getting a jet card membership. Paramount Business Jets have this Private Jet Card Membership Program  that allows you to book a private jet whenever and personalise your trip according to your needs and mood. This includes getting services for all members on board, including special facilities for the disabled, elders, babies and toddlers.

Members make an initial deposit and then use those funds to book a private jet at any time with the ease of email signatures to confirm their flights. There are no membership fees or dues and you can cancel the program for a full refund of any unused funds at any time. Transparent pricing ensures that you can choose various sizes of aircraft and pay wholesale rates for your charter with a fixed management fee.

Visit an Island

A two-day visit on an island is far cheaper than a two-day staycation up town. Each island is unique, which means that you can plan your kind of vacation by choosing an island that suits your preferences, such as one from TripAdvisor’s top 10 list. A majority of the islands offer cheaper accommodations and food. To save more on your luxury trip, make sure to visit an island that is popular among tourists. For save time time, get a private jet to reach the island, or book a ferry service at least one month before your visit.

Hire a Private Guide

You may end up missing out on some truly amazing places and experiences without a guide. General guided tours are common among first-time tourists, but a private guide would be more interested in leaving a good impression on you. Therefore, the guide will make sure that you visit all the important places before returning home.

Personalise Your Experience

There are numerous ways of personalising your experience. Rent a luxury car, hire a driver and visit the highest place in the city. Book tickets to a concert or visit local art galleries. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner at an expensive restaurant. Visit a popular winery and taste a large variety of delicious wines. Or simply, book a helicopter and enjoy a panoramic view of your desired destination from hundreds of feet above the ground!

If you want to make the most of your luxurious vacation, then plan your trip according to time and cost. For example, if you have reserved a fixed amount of your budget for booking a private jet, you can distribute the remaining budget over the total number of days of your vacation. This way, it will be easier to manage your budget and enjoy various luxuries during your next vacation.


Calling all adrenalin-filled adventure seekers, Africa is waiting for you! It’s possibly the most diverse continent on the planet, offering an unmatched variety of escapades perfect for luxury African safaris. From wildlife safaris to mountain gorilla treks, a word doesn’t exist to fully describe the journey that awaits you.

Pondoro Game Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Pondoro Game Lodge, situated in the world-famous Kruger National Park, allows its guests to experience the thrill of the bushveld without sacrificing luxuriousness; it’s all about finding a harmonic balance.

The lodge offers a plethora of activities that will suit everyone’s preference. From early morning game drives to spending the night in a tree house, you are able to create a bespoke adventure.

When you’re not viewing the majestic wildlife, you can rejuvenate your mind and body in the exclusive Serenity Spa. Once you have found your bliss, dinner – a fusion of traditional African and European cuisine – is served.

Pondoro provides you with exhilaration and pure indulgence – it’s a feast for all of your senses. Once you’ve experienced everything that the lodge has to offer, you’ll have found the “spirit of Africa”.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

While the Falls are a sensational sight, there are a plethora of fervent activities for you as well – do you think that you can handle it?

Opened in 1905, the famed Victoria Falls Bridge provides the platform – and the Falls itself, the scene – for adventures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  • The bungee: Prepare for a 111-metre freefall that sends you plunging towards the mighty Zambezi River below. It’s a 4-second rush that will test even the most seasoned thrill-seekers

  • The Bridge Swing: This is an 80-metre “scenic” drop into the abyss of the Bakota Gorge. As you’re being winched back up, you’ll have a VIP experience of the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  • The Bridge Slide: This is a zip-line that sashays for 300 metres across the Bakota Gorge.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is known as the “Last Eden”; it’s a thriving wetland situated in the heart of the Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana.

It is a haven for the safari enthusiast because of the abundance of wildlife that reside there. You can expect to see 160 different mammals, including the infamous “Big Five” – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino. There are also 155 species of reptile and if you’re an avid bird watcher, there are 530 species of bird.

If you want to experience an authentic safari, this is the place for you.

Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

If you love safaris, but are looking for something a bit different, how about going on a trek to find mountain gorillas in Rwanda? Your destination is the Virunga Mountains – home to over 480 gorillas, including the mighty Silverback.

Once you look into the eyes of these gorillas – and they look right back and acknowledge you – your world will be changed forever. You will feel a true connection with them; it’s an incomparable feeling.

The experienced tour guides will be with you every step of the way, so you don’t need to be nervous at all.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro, which is actually a dormant volcano, is the highest mountain in Africa with a height of 5895 metres. Every year adventure seekers from all over the world travel to Tanzania in an attempt to conquer this beast.

There are seven official trekking routes: Lemosho , Marangu, Mweka, Rongai, Shira, and Umbwe; Machame is considered to be the most attractive. If you’re a novice, it would be best to take the Rongai route even though it’s the least scenic. It will take about six to seven days to reach the summit.

You’ve been searching for the ultimate adventure, now you’ve found it in Africa.


The capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region, Venice is a unique city, filled with tourist attractions, authentic Italian restaurants, and much more in the way of things to see and do. One of the most unique things about Venice is that it has no roads; visitors and locals get around the city on the canals, including the Grand Canal thoroughfare which is lined with stunning Gothic and Renaissance buildings that you simply cannot miss. The perfect destination for a romantic trip, Venice is well-known for its gondola rides, breathtaking architecture, and sumptuous gelato!

If you’re planning a trip to Venice and have recently booked your flights and accommodation, the next step is to plan your itinerary of things to see and do whilst you’re there. We’ve listed some of the best must-see attractions in this stunning Italian city.

#1. Gondola Tours:

Whilst many tourists to Venice are put off by the high prices of the gondola tours, it’s still one of the best ways to see all the main sights of the city. With a gondola tour, you’ll be able to see Venice as it is meant to be; from the water! Since gondola trips are so popular with visitors to the city, you might want to steer clear of the busiest gondola spots in by St. Mark’s Square. Instead, you can head to quieter spots such as San Tomà.

To avoid the queues, you can pre-book your tour online, and with various Venice tours to choose from; there’s no need to see the city from the water alone as many tours also include sightseeing on foot. Along with seeing the main sights from the Grand Canal, visitors who like to get off the beaten path can opt for a trip through the back canals to see more of authentic Venice.

#2. St. Mark’s Square:

Often referred to as the ‘drawing room of Europe’, it’s hard to miss St. Mark’s Square on a visit to Venice. Although it was long known as the symbolic heart of the city, today it’s more likely to be crowded with tourists and pigeons, although this shouldn’t put you off from visiting as it’s the ideal base to explore from.

The sights around this area could take you days to fully explore; along with being one of the main pick-up points for gondola tours along the Grand Canal, you can find the Basilica San Marco, the Correr Museum, Doge’s Palace, and the iconic bell and clock towers amongst many more. Here you can also find a selection of restaurants and food vendors to choose from, whether you’re hoping to enjoy authentic gelato, pizza, pasta, or more!

#3. Rialto Markets:

One of the most popular markets in the region, the Rialto Markets have been going strong for seven centuries! Here you will find stalls and vendors selling a variety of fresh produce and more, from meat to fruits and vegetables, cheese, seasonal produce, wine, and a selection of non-food items such as tourist souvenirs. If you’re stocking up for an authentic Italian picnic during your stay, then this is one of the best places to go for food and more. Just ask – many vendors are happy to give you samples to try on request. The market can be reached by crossing the famous 16th century bridge or by gondola ferry along the Grand Canal.  Be aware that the fish market is closed on Sunday and Monday, and the produce market closes on Sundays.

#4. Burano and Torcello:

An hour-long trip from the mainland, these tiny adjacent islands are well worth venturing out for. Burano is a tiny, picturesque fisherman’s village; if you are hoping to return home with some wonderful photos then you will definitely not leave disappointed. Visitors to Torcello will be blown away by the awesome Venetian history, featuring stunning architecture such as a Byzantine church, a small museum, and a bell tower which you can climb to look out at the beautiful lagoon views.

#5. Chorus Pass Churches:

With a Chorus Pass, you will have entry to sixteen different churches in the city, including the hugely popular Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Santa Maria del Miracoli, or the ‘jewel box’. If you’re looking for something to do that’s enriched with history, culture, architecture and art, then this is the perfect choice of activity for spending your day in Venice. What’s more, you can even buy passes that last for a whole year, allowing you to use them again and again – perfect for anybody who plans to return soon!

#6. Scuola Grande di San Rocco:

Art-lovers in Venice cannot miss a visit to Scuola Grande di San Rocco, where you’ll find some of the best artwork in the city. A grand Renaissance building, it is home to the lay confraternity and inside you can find walls adorned with the artwork of Venetian schoolmaster Tintoretto, including some of his most famous works such as ‘La Crocifissione’, or ‘The Crucifixion’, which visitors can view hanging in the Sala dell’Albergo side chamber.

#7. Jewish Museum:

Regardless of your religion, the Museo Ebraico di Venezia is a hugely interesting attraction to visit, filled with various archives and artifacts documenting and describing the rich history of Jewish life in Venice. At the museum, visitors can enjoy historic tours exploring the unique high-rise buildings in the city, the old Ghetto, and some of Venice’s historic synagogues. Learn about the culture and more about the different Jewish groups who once lived in Venice for a tourist activity that’s a little bit different from the rest.

#8. Ca’ Rezzonico

History and art lovers will adore a visit to Ca’ Rezzonico, an aristocratic mansion situated on the Grand Canal, where Robert Downing passed in 1889. Today, the building is used as a popular museum, featuring stunning 18th century artwork and offering some unique insights into what life in Venice was once like.

These are just some of the most popular tourist attractions and activities to do in Venice! Would you like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


New York — the city that never sleeps

by Julie on June 5, 2017

New York. Those who have never set foot on it already know it, through cinema, television series, music, literature. Diverse, frenetic, electric, magnetic, magical, vertiginous, inventive, intensive, adjectives jostle to describe it. It is the city of extremes and superlatives.

New York is the most visited megapole in the United States. The “Big Apple”, as it is often called, is the largest city in the United States, with more than 7 million inhabitants. It is filled with a diverse mix of people, including immigrants from many countries. Some of its neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, Little Italy and Spanish Harlem, reflect the rich cultural heritage of the native lands of its residents.

New York is a captivating and engaging city. It discovers herself in a thousand ways, according to the taste and expectations of each. Nevertheless, there are passages and activities impossible to circumvent.

Central Park

The first place you can visit after your Odesa to New York flight is Central Park. It’s a big park in the heart of Manhattan. It stretches from 59th to 110th Street. Although it has been laid out, you can always find nature corners. Central Park is carved into several sites and you will definitely not have time to visit everything in one day. We advise you, for your first visit, to visit:

Strawberry Fields: a monument to John Lennon.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir: renamed in honor of Jacky Kennedy.

Belvedere Castle: In the 19th century, the Belvedere Castle was built atop the Vista Rock. Until the 1960s, it housed the premises of the New York Meteorological Observatory.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is a commercial complex built by the Rockefeller family consisting of 19 buildings: offices, shops of all types, restaurants, bars, discos, not to mention the Radio City Hall.It is located in the Midtown area between 48th and 51st Street.

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Created in 1971, the Bronx Museum of the Arts is a real cultural institution that highlights Contemporary Art and the XXth century. The Bronx Museum of the Arts exhibits more than a thousand works, and allows you to discover the universe of renowned artists or not.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Open since March 2010 at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers stunning views of the East River, the Financial District buildings and, in the distance, the Liberty Statue. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the favorite places of photographers. You can make magnificent panoramic photos.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Made famous by appearances in many movies, Brooklyn Heights Promenade will take your breath away. It offers views of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. Bordered by flower beds, trees, benches and playgrounds, this is a favorite destination for tourists, joggers, families and lovers.

The creative buzz and inexhaustible energy can be felt at every street corner of this city. Certainly, dark episodes left indelible traces (September 11, Hurricane Sandy), but New York is still getting up, ready for new challenges.


The Italian island of Sardinia is popular among holiday makers as a paradise located deep in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean. Besides the sunny coasts and white beaches with soft sands for which Sardinia is known, there is an endless list of places to go, sights to see and experiences to discover. Imagine a place so special, any activity you engage in is an enjoyable and memorable one. You could simply watch a magical sunset with a loved one, or visit restaurants that serve incredible cuisine to put you in a passionate mood.

People visiting Sardinia for the first time go with the general idea of finding fun and sun in a beautiful city. They are pleasantly surprised therefore that there is more to the place than meets the eye. The reality of the breathtaking beauty that is Sardinia, is a wonderful destination for relaxation and soul-reaching experiences that would remain in the memory for years to come. Sardinia is the perfect place for an incredible destination wedding, to enjoy a honeymoon, romantic getaways to spice up a relationship, or simply get away from the dullness of a monotonous work life for total calm and relaxation.


It is said that when you step off the plane in Sardinia, the sweet scent of the helichrysum is the first thing that hits your face

Laze around on Sardinian Beaches and Resorts

Some of the best beaches in the world are in Sardinia, Italy. Chia Laguna is well known for both its quality of service, and the beauty surrounding its exterior. Its intricate sand dunes exudes a luxurious feel of a classic holiday. Parents and children alike will enjoy an enchanting experience provided by the shining Sardinian sun smiling over the clear turquoise water. Little ones especially can go frolicking about in the white sands and pass an interesting time staring at the waves as they roll in and out from the shore. Different water sports available at the beach include sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and water-skiing.

Sardinia features a wide selection of holiday resorts to cater to all tastes and holiday requirements. The resorts range from family friendly to all inclusive hotels and self-catering apartments. Sardinian resorts are popular choice for young couples and singles. Forte Village is a one of the well-known resorts where people go to enjoy a luxurious Sardinian experience.

Enjoy the Deep History and Colourful Culture of Sardinia

If you’re looking to do more than eat, sleep and lay in the Mediterranean sun, then a bit of Italian history and culture might be just what you need for a fulfilling holiday in Sardinia.

Cagliari in Sardinia is the place where visitors can go to see a lot of interesting historical places. Some of such places include:

Sardinia boasts of clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches; turquoise crystalline sea and well preserved history. If these aren’t enough reason for you to visit, come for the delightfully decadent experiences the Forte Village seaside resort provides.