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Country: Sri Lanka
Traveler Activity: Adventure /History & Culture /Walking, Climbing & Trekking /Water Activities & Cruises /Wildlife & Nature


Our philosophy at Sunshine Travels and Tours Ltd. is the customer is key to our success. We understand the challenges and expectations of the modern tourism industry and have excelled in developing, planning and adapting practices to satisfy the needs of the customer in an evolving market.

Sunshine travels and tours ltd. is a midsized IATA and Ceylon Tourist Board accredited company, specializing in business and leisure travel services and solutions. Since 1976, we have served thousands of travelers from various industries and countries. With over 30 years experience under our belt we have provided all our customers with access to exclusive packages, ranging from individual requests to group arrangements all tailor made to fit their requirements - priding ourselves on our passion and dedication to ensuring a strong customer experience.

Preserving our vision, we have evolved during the last three decades efficiently maintaining and exceeding the minimum standards set for the travel and tourism industry. We work closely with our global partners and travel experts to continuously find ways to enrich and exceed our customers' expectations.

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