Country: Peru
Traveler Activity: Adventure /History & Culture /Walking, Climbing & Trekking /Water Activities & Cruises /Wildlife & Nature


PERUINTERACT TRAILS, Peruinteract Trails provides the best value fully customizable Peru and Bolivia travel packages according to your travel style preferences and needs.

Peru, is not just a destination but a country with infinite destinations within. A mega diverse country that you could say has every detail to fascinate the traveller; an ancient historical and archaeological legacy, unique natural environments and ecosystems with countless species of flora and fauna, an outstanding social and cultural fusion with particular customs and traditions, one of the best recognized cuisines in the world, awesome settings for adventure or just to delight the sight and first class hospitality facilities to make the stay most enjoyable. In short, Peru is a treasure chest for tourists and we got the key to open it

Reasons for Travel


  • Machu Picchu
  • Colca Canyon
  • Nazca Lines
  • Lake Titikaka
  • Uyuni Salt Flats
  • Inka Trails
  • Amazon River
  • Tambopata
  • Markawasi
  • Kuelap
  • Pcaya Samiria
  • Moche Route


Travel Products

  • Wonder Of The World
  • Challenge Of The World
  • Beyond The Inca Wonder:The Sacred Lake
  • Beyond The Inca Wonder
  • The Jungle
  • The Yaw Kuntur Route
  • The Markawasi Plain
  • Meet The Amazon
  • The Inka's Myth And Reality
  • Peru South
  • Sea And Desert