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Country: Uganda
Traveler Activity: Adventure /History & Culture /Walking, Climbing & Trekking /Water Activities & Cruises /Wildlife & Nature


Uganda & Rwanda Safari Specialists

We are a DMC and Safari Specialist for active private & group holidays and flexible travel components to Uganda & Rwanda with Kenya & Tanzania. Our range of trekking holidays covers everything from gentle hiking tours to challenging Mountain treks. We also offer classic wildlife Safaris and primate tours mainly Gorilla and Chimpanzee safaris or a combination of the two. We attach great importance to Sustainable Tourism, Customized Itineraries and Value for Clients' Budgets". Try us today.

Reasons for Travel

Adventure Natural African Safaris Website

  • We customize your travel to Uganda & Rwanda to your wishes
  • We offer competitive rates for package of choice
  • We communicate on time to ensure all is in order as required
  • We do our very best to ensure that you get value for the package paid for and guarantee departures as required and agreed.

Travel Products

  • We offer Sustainable Nature Tour packages to include; Gorilla Safaris, Classic 4x4 Wildlife Safari viewing, Birdwatching, Culture Tours, Mountain climbing & hiking, all for group and private travel