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Country: Sri Lanka
Traveler Activity: Adventure /History & Culture /Walking, Climbing & Trekking /Water Activities & Cruises /Wildlife & Nature


Sri Lanka tours tailor made to suit your budget, extensions to the Maldives, India and Nepal available with the Sri Lanka Holidays specialist.

Since Inception in 1993, we have handled thousands of clients. For the last Seventeen years we have developed a strong relationship with relevant companies and bodies in the destinations we serve , which in present is more of friendship and partnership than of business nature. This has enabled us to offer a quality & personalized service and superb value for money by putting our client’s needs first, than anything else. The dedicated and versatile team at Acme Travels are highly experienced and knowledgeable. In addition to the personalized service you are sure to receive our fast & speedy responses to all your concerns from the moment you choose us to be your preferred destination management company, our Chauffeur Guides who are very flexible and friendly will make, Touring in Sri Lanka, a memorable and a close to the heart experience, one you will cherish for years.

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About ACME Travels

·         Twenty years of operations & experience from May 1993.
·         Quality is assured at Acme Travels we are confident of our products!
·         We guarantee that you will have a great holiday.
·         24 hours service with back up mobile number contacts.
·         Intimate knowledge of our Destinations in Asia
·         A passion for service & you will never be alone for assistance at any time.
·         For every US Dollar One hundred sale one dollar channeled for regular charities
·         Approved by the Local Tourist Board & Licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority & we are members of the following prominent International Travel Associations recognized all over the world for several years

(PATA) Pacific Asia travel Association (From year 2000)

(ASTA) American Society of Travel Agents (From year 2002)


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