Australias Outer Barrier Reef

In the midst of trying to avoid contact with these killer species, I noticed one approaching. It looked at me, slowed down and swam towards me as if it had not eaten in weeks. He swam closer. Closer. And closer. His bright blue eyes, bulging scales, and oversized gills caught me off guard. He was searching for a fight, someone to rip apart. Before he took off for attack, he gave me a glare. However, he soon realized that I had absolutely nothing on him. He swam to my face. As he approached my foggy goggles, my eyes squinted in fear. I accepted my defeat. Moments later, I opened my eyes to find my face untouched. This surprise made me realize that humans often prepare for threats that only exist in our imaginations. In the end, I stepped into territory that I thought was his, but he didnít seem to mind sharing.


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