New Zealand White Water rafting

New Zealand - White Water Rafting

It was a nice sunny day for a trek down a river. Best place for that is New Zealand, Rotorua, where you prepare yourself for the thrill of a lifetime. Moving off down the river seemed quite easy and relaxing. With a bunch of other rafters and two instructors, we paddled down the river. The river started to flow faster and rocks appeared in our way. Water swirling and swishing everywhere, paddling hard to avoid being pushed into the rocks and steering to avoid being forced into the wrong direction. Then a waterfall or two, down we go, water splashing into the raft, as we dived downwards. Holding on tight to the rope in the raft for fear of being hurled out of the raft into the rapid waters. Correcting our position in the raft we continue down the river with increasing speed. What a day so far and what a view in the surrounding areas, so natural and peaceful, along side beast of a river we were travelling down. The river we had ventured upon was listed as a grade white water rafting river, the highest commercially available. A few more waterfalls, then the big one arrived, a waterfall so steep and high that it felt at if you were flying in mid air. Holding on tight to the rope in the raft and also the paddle, we were getting drenched as we went down the waterfall. Then splash as we hit the bottom. I was holding on tight to the rope, but still got thrown out of the raft into the water. Then next few minutes seemed like a lifetime, into the water I went. Down, down, down into the water I went. Looking up I could see what looked like a vortex of air, with water swirling around and the blue sky above. Then water came crashing down on me, pushing me deeper into the river. Luckily the life jacket came into full force and lifted me to the surface of the river, breathtaking it certainly was, as I gasped for air whilst looking for the raft to come to my aide. Out of breath and floating on the water, I was retrieved by the others and pulled back into the raft. What an adventure.


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