Natures Romantic Lovemaking

After hours of deliberation it was decided we were not taking a shower the next morning. It took us two hours to reach the verdict, and considering it was almost 1 AM in the morning, it was the best decision made. The alarm went off at 4 AM as we cringed and turned before making our way out of the hard bed. It was a warm June morning in Morocco. We assembled in front of our Kasbah as our four-wheel chariots awaited us. Four of us got into each chariot and we escorted through many bumpy terrains. It was dark, and the only lights visible were the headlights of our vehicle. It was too early to make small talk, and too bumpy to get some sleep. I soaked in the dark view around me. It was a clear night in warm Morocco.

After driving for 20 minutes through infinite darkness, we arrived at Merzouga village in the Sahara desert. We were welcomed with some much needed mint tea to awaken us for the adventure ahead. After a quick restroom stop, we were on our way to hike the Sahara desert. I was confident it was going to be a walk in the park. I hiked Mission Peak in Fremont, California thrice a week. I genuinely believed nothing could be harder than the Fremont Mt. Everest.
We bid adieu to our chariots as we walked our way through flat lands. There was darkness all around us. We walked a few steps before meeting few locals who began strolling with us while making small talk. One such 6-foot man happened to walk near me.
Moroccan Hunk: What is your name?
Me: Chai
Moroccan Hunk: My name Abdul
Moroccan Hunk: Where are you from?
Moroccan Hunk: First time in Ourzazate?
Me: Yes

He was tall and could take long steps. I tried to match mine with his as we cruised along the Sahara desert. It was hot and there was darkness all around us. Before I knew it, my Moroccan hunk has separated me from my husband and the rest of the group. There were 3 to 4 people from our group with each local guide, and I was alone with my hunk. I was getting a private tour.

We had been walking for about 20 minutes now and were at the foothill of our first sand dune. The darkness started getting lighter. I could feel my feet sink into the desert sand with each step. I struggled to drag my body out of each sand hole as we walked, and yet Abdul looked like he was walking on clouds. I tried hard to match his speed. I was doing all right physically except I could feel fatigue set it as we reached the top of our first sand dune. “ It was hard but not the hardest I scaled” I thought in my head “Mission Peak definitely was harder”.

Me: Abdul?
Abdul: Yes Chai
Me: Are we done?
Abdul: No, we go to the highest sand dune. (Points his finger at the horizon) We go to that one.

I felt my heart and body sink. Daylight had begun to seep through the dark sky as the sky turned from black to gray. Abdul said we had to hurry if we want to make it to the highest sand dune before sunrise. Little did I know Abdul had not yet unleashed his fastest walk. He asked me to take his hand and he began dragging me through various sand dunes. I was sweating hard as I dragged my body through the many highs and lows of the dunes. The highest sand dune felt far away. I could barely see my husband in the expanse of the desert. I felt lonely, scared and tired.

Abdul: Chai, we sit on top of this sand dune.
Me: Ah-ha (I had no energy for even a yes)

We had reached the foothill of the highest sand dune, but we still had to scale the dune to the top. My body was tired beyond anything I had ever felt. Sahara desert was kicking my butt and whipping every ounce of arrogance out of me. I let Abdul drag me through the sand dune. Daylight was seeping in and Abdul told me we had to hurry if we wanted to see the most beautiful sun rise ever. He dragged me through the sand to the top. At some points I felt I could not go on.

We reached the top of the sand dune. As I sat down, I felt my ears shut down. I could not hear and my vision was blurring. My body was shutting down because of dehydration and heat exhaustion. I searched for my husband and could see a frail image of him far away from me. I was alone with Abdul and I wondered how I was going to meet up with everyone else. I had no money and no energy. I did not want to die alone on a sand dune. I poured some water on my face as I sat there waiting for sunrise. With time I felt my hearing return and my vision got clear.

Few minutes into it as I was trying to regain my composure, the sky started turning pink. The pink changed to deep orange and red as the sun began rising above the mountain. The brown sand on the desert sparkled orange as the sky and earth became one. It felt like we were witnessing a beautiful union of sky and land. The camels chilled out in the desert, as I marveled at the beauty. As the sun continued to rise, it felt like nature was painting a beautiful picture just for me. Abdul and I were alone, and as the sun rose above the horizon and the sky changed colors, it felt like a private show. Abdul made me wear his head scrap and he took pictures of me by the camel, making me pose a million ways. I was his muse and he was my photographer. He wrote my name in Arabic in the sand, and swept me off my feet.
We sat there witnessing nature put a show for us. I have watched sun rises several times before, but the expanse of land and sky made me feel overwhelmingly small. I witnessed the union of land and sky on that warm June morning, and it was the most romantic lovemaking I had ever witnessed.


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