My school games travelling moment

In 2012 I was selected for the sainsbury's school games which was taking part in the olympic venue in London. I was selected to play in the table tennis. This has to have been my best travelling experience ever because I had never visited London before so this was a new place for me to visit and staying in the athletes village was even better.

There was a group of us going up to complete in this event against some of the best table tennis players in britain. We had great fun on the bus playing card games and noughts and crosses so the experience I had of travelling up to London was brilliant and was the best travelling experience I had ever had. This was the second time I had played in a big table tennis event but this was the most exciting because I was competing in the event in the olympic venue two months before the olympic players went up to compete in their event.

We also had time to go to the services and go anywhere we wanted for food so having time to try out the food places there before we headed to London to have the best experience ever was a bonus for me and everyone else seemed extremely happy too.

On the bus they had a DVD player so because it was a long journey up to London this was great because it meant we were able to relax and watch a good film so the journey didn't feel to long and we could have a very good travelling experience like we did.

The best experience was when we arrived at our destination and saw the hotel. From the outside it looked really big and looked as if it was going to be really posh. 5 hours on the bus really did go really quickly after we had lots of fun playing top trumps, other card games and watching a film during our journey from Cardiff to London.

We were also given some healthy snacks to be on a balanced and healthy diet so we perform well when playing table tennis during our bus journey. This made us to enjoy the bus journey a lot more and to be more lively and much happier. Our journey to London is such a memorable experience.


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