One of those days

You know its going to be one of those days ; because it the day we planned to go to Alton Towers.
So the car is packed, three teenagers sat in the patiently and I am about to drive. We get half way up the road when my daughter pipes up that she would like to hold the tickets . I was just about to say no when I realized those ticlets were still on the kitchen table. So I turned the car round and headed back to the house.
Moments later I slammed the house door behind with the tickets in my hand to realize I had only locked the car keys in the house and the only front door key we had was on those keys.
I cant even write or type what words came out of my kids mouths at this point !! But after ten minutes of heated discussion it was decided that there was only one way to sort it , we break in. So I smasked the small side window, put my hand in opened the front door. Moments later after I had celotaped the small window up made sure I had secured the house got the keys and the tickets we were once again on our way.
Its a buzz to realize we are on our way to Alton Towers and a day off roller coatsers and just enjoying your self . Its a even bigger buzz to think your about to witness a car chase when the police suddenly come speeding up the road. Its a even bigger shock when they pull you over for breaking and entering in to your own home. It appears some new neighbor had witnessed me smashing the window so had called 999 reported a break in in progress then told the police my registration when they arrived saying I had sped off.
So I had to go back to my house prove who I was , not a burgular. I was even asked to say thanks to the nosy neighbors as although they made a mistake at least I new they were vigialant and my property would be safe while they were around. So after all that I we began our journey once more to have a blow out. It was a crap day if I say so my self and no we didnt get to go to Alton Towers but I supposed some people could say I could easily look back and rmember that day with a smile... nope not a hope in hells chance I will

J Bowen

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