Lonely in the Road of Darkness

When you get hurt, you feel pain in your body. But when your heart is hurt, how do you feel? Heart is something that cannot be counted by a number. Now, I want you to imagine when you sail in the middle of the ocean without someone besides you. I guess you must be lonely. If you feel lonely, that is the same thing when your heart is hurt. Being hurt by someone can be improved by fixing your relation someday, but being hurt by something is a different thing that cannot be described just by your mouth.
I just want you to know that pleasure and pain are two different things which may be having a related meaning. Anything can be happen if pleasure and pain affect your life unconditionally. This pain is started from the beginning of my journey when my mind took me to some place. From this place, I walked in a long road from time to time but I could not find a way out. Pleasure, resentment, and sadness were combined in my feeling. For me, it was a long journey without end. However, I could feel something that guiding me to catch a proper way to get my destination. Now and finally, I could find a dim light that giving me a benefit to take off my shirt from a lonely path. Even though the light is dim, I still struggled to find a wide place to hold my weak body.
This journey takes me to the holy river. And I could see a blue sky, a green field, and a rainbow. However, this journey should end because I was already in the destination. At that time, I woke up from my dream and I realised this was not real. I also realised that I walked in the middle of darkness and lonely. I just felt stupid why I had a useless dream amid my lovely journey in a beautiful town in Indonesia, Bandung. This dream seems attempting to give a special message for my life. Darkness and lonely are two symbols of your dark side. These symbols tries to convey a message to me that my life should be filled by someone who may be good for me to become my best friend. This world is empty without someone who can entertain you every time. Therefore, this dream messages me to be a strong and keen person.

R Korniawan

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