Mount Merapi, which I'll never forget

Traveled on the mountain is a very interesting thing, enjoying beautiful scenery and natural.
The sense of fatigue and stress disappear blown by the coolness of the mountain air.

Mount Merapi in Java, one of the mountain which I visited, in October 2010 I heard that Mount Merapi is active.
The curiosity and interest to see, with local residents who normally live nearby, although in fact had there is a warning from the relevant authorities, that is very dangerous to approach within a certain radius, but we still want to look daring as closely as possible, because according to locals usually Merapi eruption will not arrive at the area that we will visit.

I was accompanied by local residents drove off on a motorbike. Through the village was already empty abandoned by residents to evacuate. But we kept going, until he came near Gendol River. The great river that disgorge at Mount Merapi, we had not been stopped, heard sirens. We were so panicked, because along A rumble came from the mountain.
We turn around and go back down to spurring the motor immediately.
through the empty village, up in a big way see a lot of trucks transporting local residents that have not evacuated, ambulance siren sounded everywhere, even got to see no casualties were taken by truck
to the whole body is full of dust.

The location that is secure we stopped and tried to ask the residents and volunteers, who carry radio communications, About what actually had happened? Volunteers said there had been Merapi eruption and hot gases flowing from the mountain toward Gendol River and about reaching a radius of about 15 km.

How shocked, because some time ago I was through it. I decided to go back to the hotel accompanied by my friend in between the shock that have not lost, after my shower trying to watch the news on local TV, just how the place that I have been through had been burned by hot gases from the volcano. Only dust and burnt of trees over there.

I was really lucky, because it decided not to continue the journey to Mount Merapi. if that happened, Id be dead.


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