Just Stay Cool!

My journey in Paris during Easter holiday 2005 was the worst journey ever! How come? I let you know ....
One day before going, suddenly my son, Sulthan, had skin dermatitis on his whole body. He had eaten nugget—with gluten inside—too much and it caused allergy. My daughter, Brina, had cold and a little bit fever. Then, my husband and I brought our children to the doctor.
The doctor said, “That’s OK if you go to Paris. Just take some medicines.”
So, we leaved Leipzig, Germany, to Paris with our friends, Agus and Ovie. They also brought their daughter along.
We arrived in Gare du Nord Station at 16.00 o’clock. Bounjour! I’ve planned that we would see Paris in the evening, where beautiful lights shined and showed the beauty of the city. I’ve booked 2 rooms including a baby box in the 2 stars hotel for 45 Euro/night. Really cheap, right?
We went to the hotel in Saint Denis by tram. I just knew that from Gare du Nord Station to Saint Denis took 15 minutes time.
“Hey, we even didn’t arrive yet, huh?” asked Agus.
“Huh, yeah,” I answered.
Then we arrived in Saint Denis ....
“What? We still have to take a bus?” asked Ovie.
“Hm ... yes.” I grinned.
I didn’t know how many bus stop that we’ve skipped. But the fact, the bus ran through along the narrow streets, so far away until it got dark.
Oh, God!
“Is that the way to Paris or to the end of the world?” My husband groused. I just shutted up.
Thanks God, at least, we arrived in the hotel we’re headed. It was in Garges les Gonesse … a striked Paris!
“Oh, yes, of course this hotel is cheap. This is the place where the genie throw out his kids!” said my husband.
“How do I know? In the map, that’s so near to Paris, right?”
“Oh, dear!”
We also really dissapointed when we knew the bus here just operated until 20.00 o’clock.
Over we were in Paris, the weather was very bad. It was cloudy, rainy, windy, and disturbed our planning. Our photos were really blurry and dark. It was horrible because I had weared my best outfit but I could not see my self in the photos!
Then we went into Disneyland and paid for more than 100 Euro pro person, but just could ride up to Dumbo The Flying Elephant. So many people in the Disneyland during thus Easter Holiday, so I wasted hours for standing in the line! Poor us ....
So, we headed back from Disneyland. Unfortunately, the tram to go to the city was coming really late. So, we could not catch the bus to reach the hotel! Yes, we had to take a walk to the hotel 4 bus
stops away. We also was barked by the big dogs on the way while walking. Whoaaa!
That was not the worst. I had an embarrassing moment in Paris as well. On the bridge near Royal Palais, my son Sulthan was wetting his pants! The urine made his skin, which affected by dermatitis, sore. He also felt cold and then cried. Oh my God! I forgot to bring him an extra cloth cause we’ve been in hurry to catch the bus in the morning.
And, that was on Sunday, no shops were open to buy a cloth!
I could’nt find toilet near the place and also in the train station in that time. But I could not let him cried. So, then I stand near the wall. Two baby strollers protected me from the view of people who passing by. Ovie covered me with Brina’s blanket and my husband also stand in the front of me to cover any gaps that opened. Then ...I took off my jeans and my legging, I gave my legging for Sulthan, and then weared my jeans again. The people who got off the train just saw me with a schock!
“Oh, please ... nobody knows me here. Just stay cool!” I thought.
So, Sulthan just weared my legging that really big for him. Ovie’s belt just given to tie his waist. After that, my mood for going around Paris was lost. I just wanted to go back to the hotel and got
That was really my worst journey—even my worst moment—in my life!

B H Dewi

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