Indecisive in DC

It was 2am and here I was sitting in McDonald’s in one of the most energetic cities in the world, New York City. My friends who I was spending the weekend with are what you’d call indecisive. We left a club to plan a ‘spontaneous’ trip to Washington D.C.; our conversations of what to do and what time to leave continued in circles. Four large fries later we were able we decided to catch our bus at 11:30 am. After planning this ‘spontaneous’ trip I got home at 4am, quickly packed and then fit in a ‘nap’. I awoke at 10 am,woke up my friend and we ran out the door to the subway stop at 96th street. We jumped onto the 2 train heading downtown to PENN Station where we rushed to our bus terminal. We reach the terminal with 15 minutes to spare, but our other friend was missing. After calling her she said she was stuck in traffic near wall street. 10 minutes later still no sign of her, with 2 minutes until the bus departs she arrives with her rolling duffle I yell out “RUN”, we both race down to meet our friend by the bus. The clear look of panic shoots across our eyes as we see our bus back up from it’s parking spot. We ran as fast as possible toward the door to reach the bus , but a guard stopped us stating that we could not go past the door because the bus was already in motion.

We refused to take this as a sign not to go to DC instead, we pressed on looking for an official to complain to. Now picture 3 upset girls with one on the verge of tears surrounding and complaining to a security guard in PENN station. The guard kept his cool and saved our weekend by allowing us to board the next bus to DC. Ever grateful we took a deep breath, my friend wiped away her tears and we went on to wait for the next bus. We boarded the next bus and after 4 hours we arrived in DC.

We arrive, and after 45 minutes on deciding whether or not to eat then another 30 minutes on deciding what to eat we find ourselves once again sitting in McDonald’s. While eating my friend asks “what’s the plan?” as we don’t know where we are staying. Do we stay with my friend’s ex-boyfriend? or with her friend from college? It takes two hours to decide. Finally, we decide to stay with her ex-boyfriend. We then rush off toward her ex’s apartment. After ‘hellos’ and ‘nice to meet you’s’ it’s now time to again figure out what we are doing at night. Yes that means we would spend another two hours deciding what to do, go to a ‘Pink Party’, nightclub, or a friend’s apartment. We decide on the nightclub, Club Lima. After a hour of traffic we make it to Lima with only 2 hours until closing.

The next day we awoke to a bright sunny day only to realize we were about to explore DC on the hottest day of the summer. With heavy humidity and scorching sun rays we were able to explore most of DC. Now I had to figure out how I would get back to NYC as I had to work the next morning. It turns out another friend was also visiting DC from NYC and had drove in I just had to meet up with her to get a ride back. I hail a cab as fast as I can to meet up with her. Meanwhile, my friends were going to stay and explore DC some more and get on a bus later that day.
I make it to my friend’s location, we start to drive off when someone pointed out the car’s tire appeared to be flat hence a problem. Luckily or unluckily this was pointed out because it took 2 hours until the tire was finally ready, and we set off to NYC what I thought was for sure this time. It was now 6 pm, my friends exploring the city call to see if I had made it home, I reported the car situation after hearing that they said that they would join us to head back to NYC together. After half an hour they arrive and we finally set off to NYC making this trip one of the worst indecisive journeys ever.

S Abolhassani

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