is? ''IT''...
because my expectations are too high,
because your appreciation is too low.
Because i am of actions or because
you are of words.
Because i am of my way, because
you are of the way, because we
are not on the same page, in this stage
of life, i cannot SAY, nor STAY!
Make hay while the sun is up they say,
but i'lld rather we lay beneath the moonlight,
watching the stars, or what can i say.
...not because i didnt ''IT''
not because you didnt ''IT''
i didnt trust you you didn't trust me
i couldn't leave her, you couldn't leave
him i couldn't stop, you couldn't start.
so why does hell seem like gain?,
hmmm!?, 'IT' like pain?, tears like rain?,
gifts like cane?, us like game?
like im insane? when i hear your
name, dame?
...simply because, we are not d same
still!, I cannot find ''IT''.... So what is "IT"?

A O Isaac

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