I Was Here, I Lived, I Loved

I walked along the edge of the street without anyone else who could talk and share with me. Daylight and sunlight made me sick for a while when it burnt my skin. This heart was empty, but my day was not. I was worried my life would end soon without regret, but once again I was totally not controlled by my patience. However, my spirit to travel to this city was flaming because this was part of my passion since the beginning and it happened at that time. This city was good and no wonder many tourists came together to watch the live performance or just sitting on the beach waiting for the sun would go down. I was not interested to watch the sunset because I already set a planning to go outside near the silom area. I think you probably have had description a kind of this place. So it is no necessary for me to recount it in detail
That day, on the last day I spent my days in Bangkok, I made an appointment with someone whom I recognized from the guide-for-traveler serving website. We spent that night at one place where many cowgirls and cowboys showed their talent on the bar. I donít why I tell this story to you, but thousands reasons have been set in my mind to cover up why I was interested to see and to come at this place. We finally came out from that bar and just sitting inside in one of the famous fastfood restaurants in Bangkok.
When I sit down at that place, I was looking at everyone passing by through the window. That night, I was thinking that many people struggled for their life. I remembered something said by some of the night and pleasure workers. They told me that they were so happy having a job like this. This job which they could earn a lot of money could be used for themselves without feeling a boredom and facing a silly job if they should work in the office. Even though that night was crowded, but my heart was still empty and I didnít know how to express this feeling which was likely no one interested to find out whatís going on with this mind.
When I heard beyonce sang her song, it dragged my memory back to Silom. I was just thinking that life was an option. Everyone can choose their way whether in the right turn or in the wrong turn. She is right, if I leave this world, I want to leave my footprint on this earth so I am not regret because my time will come. Everyone who knows who I am will remember that ďI was here, I lived, I loved,Ē just like them when they are loved by someone else. In loving memory, silom.

R Korniawan

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