No booty for the king

We’d just had a late Christmas celebration, playing a game to win as many of the cheap presents we’d bought along the way as possible. My score was quite good actually. After a twisted psychological battle with my fellow traveler Christiaan I ended up with two presents: a Herero woman made of colorful fabrics and a red enamel tea pot. The perfect ending of our Namibian tour with good food and good company. Most of the group would go on to visit Botswana and Zimbabwe, but for me the end had come.

After a few drinks back at the hostel I walked to my room. The air was damp and I was eager to get to bed and dream about my African adventures. Most of the group were staying in a different part of the building so I shared a room with a guy who also left the tour in Windhoek and another guy I’d just met that day. Walking to the bathroom I heard a whispering voice coming from the room next to mine: “Andrea. Andrea… come here.” It was my tour guide and driver Mike, who was lying on his bed like he was a king on his throne. “So what are you still doing up Mike?” I asked as I entered the room, still in a good mood. Nothing could ruin my night. I hadn’t noticed the strange glance in his eyes yet. “I was waiting for you.” He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bed. O no! You’ve got to be kidding. Yes I had noticed the weird way he’d been looking at me for the last few days and he did give an awful lot of compliments lately. “I like you so much, but you don’t see me.” Ok, getting nervous now. How do I get rid of this guy in a decent way? At that point he started caressing my arm and I was feeling more and more uncomfortable. Why did these things happen to me?

I should come with the group on the rest of the tour. No problem. Mike would take care of it all. Mister wonderful. Or maybe I could come back for another tour and he would arrange that for me. Free of course. O, he could come visit me in Cape Town. It wouldn’t cost me a thing! O yeah, lucky me! Then Caroline, the other staff member on the tour, came in. “Go away, leave us alone.” Hissed Mike angrily like one of the cornered game animals we’d seen in Etosha the day before. I was feeling smaller and smaller. Just get up Andrea, you can do it. Walk away now. When his phone went off I took my chance. I quickly brushed my teeth, opened the door ever so slightly, took a quick peek and ran towards my room. I jumped in the bed and turned my back towards the door. Then I just lay there as quietly as I could. What the hell had happened? Was that guy serious? Did he actually think I was that easy? A few minutes later I heard him standing in the doorway. “Andrea… pssst. Andrea… are you sleeping? Are you not coming anymore?” The poor guy didn’t have to guts to look at me the next morning.

A Hermans

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