My name is Sam and this is the place I didnt want to be

My friend, Kelsey, and I sat in her basement. We had been down there all weekend listening to music and drinking soda. It was our typical hang out spot during the weekends because my father didn't allow me to bring friends over. Her parents were hardly ever home and her sister kept to herself so it was pretty laid back. When her parents were home though, they got kind of crazy. Loud noises from upstairs began to overpower the music. Her mother must be home now.
"Why is she home so early?" I was worried now; her mother rarely gets this loud. We can hear things crashing against the floor so hard that the basement ceiling is rattling.
"I'm not sure, but it probably isn't good" Kelsey turned the music off so we could hear what her mother was yelling about. We couldn't make out any words but we could hear more than one person yelling. Her dad was arguing too, and the only word we could make out was "Kelsey." Her face went pale when we looked at each other. All of a sudden the noises stopped.
"Kelsey Lynn, get up here now!" We heard her mother call from upstairs.
"Want me to come with?" I asked, knowing it was easier to deal with people when you had a friend with you. Even though she didnít answer I knew it was a yes. We went upstairs and her dad was now where in sight.
"I just got a text from one of your friend's mothers saying she saw you and your boyfriend sneak out of church to make out!" Her face was so red and sweaty I thought she was going to explode. Iím surprised her mom hasn't said anything about me being right there.
"Well yeah mom but it was just onc-" Her mother cut her off mid-sentence.
"I don't care when it happened or how many times it happened!" She started yelling worlds we couldn't understand. She was so angry that she was jumbling her words.
"Mom Iím sorry it wonít happen again!" In a swift motion, her mother leaned forward and planted three hard hits onto Kelsey's face. Her dad rushed in a held her mother back. I couldn't stop looking at Kelsey, I was only eleven, and I had no clue what to do. Kelsey was balling while blood dripped from her face. It even started to stain her light blond hair.With the amount of blood, I was sure her nose was broken. She ran to the bathroom cupping her nose. I could see a trail of blood on the ground behind her. I followed her.
"Hey, will you be okay?" I knew it was a stupid question, but it was all I could manage to say at this point.
"Hand me that bottle right there." She had her head bent over the bathroom sink and pointed to a small white bottle. I gave it to her and when she stopped crying she used it to clean her nose. Apparently this is something she was used to if she already knew how to solve the problem. I didn't know what else to do. Once I knew she was okay I grabbed my stuff and walked home. That was a place I didnít want to be.

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