History Tour To House The First President Of Indonesia

I stood in front of the Hotel Sahid, Jalan Sumatra, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, just next to the train station Gubeng. My goal this Wednesday, June 6, 2012, was visiting the house of Bung Karno. Today, 111 years ago, Bung Karno (BK) was born into the world as the "Son of the Dawn".

Then I walked down the sidewalk toward the building of Surabaya City Youth Center. An elderly Chinese man standing next to me. I asked, "Koh, where the village Paneleh? I am looking for a house of Bung Karno. Is Koh know? "

Spontaneous Koh said, "Come, with me alone!" The Koh stop public transportation with a "M". I sat beside the driver. Koh sat in the back.

"Why are you looking for a home Bung Karno" said Koh.

"Today Bung Karno was born, Koh. One hundred eleven years ago. I want to see her home. I want to enjoy childhood and adolescence he, "I replied with a smile.

Koh nodded.

The driver smiled, "I've never been to the house of Bung Karno!"

"Bung Karno was the first President of Indonesia. Please message out to people. Today Bung Karno's birthday. He willingly went to prison for Indonesia. He was never looking for a scapegoat, "I said seriously.

Soon, the public transportation stop in the "rocking". The cost is much closer to Rp. 3000, - Koh and pointing straight down, "Go there. Find a bike shop owned by Dulatif. Ask it to him. Its location near the tomb Paneleh. "

I eagerly walked down the street in a residential neighborhood. I turned onto a small alley. This is similar to the aisles in Jakarta, not just a slum. Old houses grab my eye. Bung Karno childhood here?

BK once said, "Never forget the history!" We're destroying the history of the BK current. We let the BK house destroyed.

As I stood in the aisle Pandean IV/40, Paneleh, Surabaya, East Java, only the inscription: "Birthplace Father of the Nation, DR. Ir. Sukarno, June 6, 1901, Thursday Pon, Joiner People's Tongue, Proklamartor, First President of Indonesia, Leader of the Revolution. Dated August 29, 2010, signed by Bambang Dwi Hartono, mayor of Surabaya. "That's all.

When I walked into the small alley, my heart is breaking. Only a small house, cheek by jowl, an old, unkempt. I have been to Bengkulu, Sumatra, see BK residence during the Dutch discarded. Bengkulu and Tourism Department of Archaeology National Agency has determined the residence of BK in Bengkulu as BCB (objects of cultural heritage). However, BK house in Surabaya is not treated.

I approached the merchant who sells meatballs in front of BK. I asked him. Then the dealer tells meatballs. "Home of BK now has fallen into the hands of a third. BK current homeowners are Banjarmasin. Surabaya city government promised to buy a home BK. But already two years old yet. Megawati, the daughter of the first BK, were never here. "

I wondered why BK house in Surabaya is not treated? BK can be proposed as the home area an attractive tourist destination. BK will be the home of our famous tourist destinations around the world. I am sure, all the tourists who come from countries in Asia - Africa, will flock here. This is a great historical tour.

When I was down 8 countries in Asia and Egypt, every time I check in at the hotel, always my passport which indicates the origin country of Indonesia menjdi hot topic. BK's name comes first, not Bali or Suharto. BK is known as the unifier of nations in the Asia - Africa while Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung in 1955.

I feel really weird, why BK house in Surabaya is not used as a tourism asset and historical heritage of protected objects. (*)

H H Harris

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