From Cruising to Dozing Off

It was our last day at our island destination. We were so thrilled to tour around the island and despite the fact that it was just two days and one night getaway, I still enjoyed it or so I thought. My friend and I cruised one of the enthralling rivers I have ever seen in my life. It was a one of a kind event. It was not everyday that you get to eat buffet style while there were people serenading you. That was just so amazing. Add the fact that it was somehow drizzling. The hills surrounding the river were verdant while the river flowed in quietude.
After the cruise, we bought some souvenirs and wait for a bus that would take us to the port. For almost two hours, we waited for it, somewhat trembling from the cold. We forgot to bring an umbrella. Waiting for this one bus was really upsetting because there were only a few people in the vicinity and they looked suspicious of us or we were suspicious of them. And although we had some companion way back in the cruise, they were all gone now. You see, we were on a backpacking getaway while they were on a ‘real’ vacation plus they have their own car. After seemed like an eternity, the bus stopped and we hopped in. It was full of people; I bet we looked like canned sardines. We sat at the back and at every stop, the bus let people ride even though there was not enough space. My real predicament started when a man in his early forties stood at the right side of my friend and raised his left arm to grip the bus handle. The man has a full blast body odor and I thought I dozed off the moment he raised his arm. I cannot complain because it would be rude and I was just a tourist. It might start a conflict between the two of us and that was the last thing I want to do. The trip lasted for three hours, and no, I was not exaggerating. I have to endure it and I wish that if I could choose a place where I want to be at that very moment, I would not choose to be there. Good thing, as we near the port, little by little, the passengers began to disembark. As soon as there was enough space to move, I went to the other side of the bus to sit, stuck my head outside the window to feel the light rain, and sighed as if I have been liberated.

N Gallos

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