Silent Journey In Jeju Island

When stepping inside the building, I admired one spot with what we called it as a stationary object. That resembled a made-by-human massive stone. And that also a kind of part history which built in several years ago, but I didnít know exactly what age this stone was created. What I wanted to know on that day was how this island could arrange the structure of its town neatly. Anyhow this stone subsequently become a astonishing symbol in that island since the Mongol colony occupied this island based on the historical record. If you go to this place, there are so many tranquil places embellish every corner in that island. Even though if you travel by yourself, you can still share your heart with someone else who will be happy also to share their story with you if you understand their culture. To share my happiness when I spent three days in Jeju Island with my fellowship friends, I will give my standpoint about the specific mark of this island according to the adorable history by mouth to mouth.
This journey began in February 2009. Itís kind a long adventure when you go down deep inside into the strange jungle without anyone knowing who you are, although this journey perhaps can be classified as a short trip. Itís near of the Busan province, so the location of Jeju Island is surrounded by the ocean. Because of the separated location, this island virtually hide a potential treasure to be developed. Even until now this island takes me in many ways to remember what has already happened in such a beautiful evening. To open the door my memory, here my first story to you. Have you ever heard about remarkable women ? In Jeju, you can find a little bit of bizarre story which telling about the powerful women as the backbone of her family. A legend which always be remembered by the people who are completely admiring the struggle to life and livelihood. And this story revealed some women who could dive deep inside on the sea without complete facility. To survive her living including her family, those women presented their effort as part of the natural cycle of living. Although people deem women as the complementary function in family, but Jejuís women could replace menís function as the backbone of their family. For me, it was a kind of extraordinary and touching story
Then in the middle of my journey, I often wondering something when the greatest moment of my peaceful mind was always mixed by the come-and-go noisy voice from someone else outside my brain. I didnít know how precisely this story was still planted in my memorable journey. The story which told about the bridal tradition. A tradition established by indigenous tribe who maintain this tradition as a unique wedding ceremony. A couple who intend to celebrate their wedding ceremony should keep their fit condition including how to manage their budget when the ceremony will come. This couple will celebrate their wedding with their relatives in three days. If they donít prepare for it precisely, they will lose their exciting moment as a king and queen for three days. Such tiring days I think.
But when I woke up in the morning, I didnít realize I already wrote this journey in my mind. I captured many priceless thing when I visited this island which capturing the potrays of natural people, culture and story. Albeit along the way I shut my mouth to see this impressive fragmentation through my feeling, but I kept my record to scratch this milestone again in the mammoth stone of my note. Not only behind of this story but I also want to print many followers to prove this my silent journey someday.

R Korniawan

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