I met a man who lives only today

I met a man who lives only today. Like a butterfly. He never lives tomorrow and never looks back onto yesterday.

"Pfff! - you may exclaim, - I do exactly the same and I am careless and free. I do not a have a plan for tomorrow, I used to be concerned about my future, but now I am a Traveller and I know not what will happen tomorrow nor do I care what was yesterday and who you were yesterday. Let us celebrate the randomness of the present!"

But you know and you care. Even if you are in a far away land, miles from home, embracing the wilderness, you still feel concerned about one thing that backs up all your actions and possible failures. Money, whichever currency it comes in. The routes you are planning to walk during the day.

The man I met never has money for tomorrow. He never keeps any from yesterday. All his money is accounted for the next 24 hours: drinks, car fuel, some paprika and bread to cook for dinner, a cup of coffee in the morning. He wakes up and says: “Today I gotta sell some pirated DVDs and make some money for today”. He’s lost in the screens of his three old computers for a while and then rushes out of the apartment to drive to another client.

He doesn't ride a white horse, but he has a white car that even has a name and personality. The car brings him all around the world. He can wake up at 5am and set off to the other side of the country and beyond. I think he loves the car more than people.

And you don't know how he loves people. Once (when we were, of course, in the car with friends, driving around the Town in search if a random place to dance) he picked up a random guy on the street just because he looked obviously a foreigner and seemed sad and lost. "Jump in the car, we're going for drinks and dancing!" - the foreigner did not freak out (well, maybe just at the beginning) and joined the gang.

That’s why his house is always full of guests that come and go... but most often they stay. They stay longer and a bit more, and some more days, and several ‘last days’ and a couple of hours before they live - until they realise that time has stopped only aroudn their host, and meanwhile to world keeps spinning forward, unstoppably.

They leave, and he misses them.

Then he goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning just to jump into his car and onto the highway - to encounter new adventures before the sun goes down.

A Rudycheva

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