First trip abroad with our daughter..Thailand

The most memorable trip abroad was our trip to Thailand with our 2 year old daughter. This was the first time our baby was traveling with us so packing started much in advance. My mother-in-law suggested that apart from the vacation, we should consult a doctor there as our daughter had low vitamin d levels. At first, we thought it would ruin our holiday plan as her treatment was going very fine here in Pakistan but then we thought there is no harm in taking second opinion so we altered our travel plan a little bit. The flight was tiring but it was replete with excitement for the little one as she was observing everybody. On our way to Thailand and our way back, both times she spilled her favorite juice on the seat. The good thing was that she learnt saying thank you to the air hostess. During the seven hours flight, I am sure that at one time, she was the only person awake. As we arrived in Bangkok, we realized that the biggest problem there was language. Our first destination was Pattaya.We took a taxi to Pattaya and as we arrived in our hotel, the first idea we got was that why we selected Thailand as we had quite a tough time making the hotel management understand that what we wanted. Asking for a glass to drink water was a big problem too.But slowly, we started liking that place. The pick ups with open tops were very convenient for us we would easily put the stroller with our daughter in the vehicle and moreover, you could feel the breeze while sitting on topless vehicle.The shopping at Pattaya was also cheap as compared to Bangkok. Then after four days we moved to Bangkok. There we had appointment with doctor. It was a big city full of hustle and bustle but it had the worst traffic jams especially on a rainy day as one day when we had appointment with a doctor, it took us 2 hours to reach the place which was a five minute drive on a normal day. One thing I remember that Thai people are very friendly to kids as where we went they used a specific term to call our daughter (with affection) and I guess that was related to a kidís cuteness. Even at the airport, where there was a long line; an otherwise strict looking policewoman came and after checking our passports, she sent us to a smaller line only because we had a baby with us. When we visited the hospital, we were simply impressed. The people in the childrenís section with cartoons on their clothes and smiles on their faces gave such a friendly atmosphere to the kids coming there and I would say that our daughter enjoyed more playing in that area as compared to any shopping mall. After our daughterís check up, the doctor asked for some tests. Now when the hospital management told us about the bill, we were surprised because, beforehand we were not informed about their cost otherwise we would had brought more money. We had the money but that was for our shopping in Thailand. My husband and I refused to get the tests done and went to a coffee shop as at first place, we never had any intentions of getting the medical check up. As we sipped in the coffee, I donít know why but my tears started rolling and my husband also got emotional. Though hers was not a big problem but that was the first time, we realized that nothing in this world is bigger than your love for your kids; all your money is for kids. At that time, we thought that the doctor might give a better way of treatment so we decided to bid goodbye to our shopping plans and literally, my husband and I emptied our wallets in the hospital lobby. Luckily, tests came fine and the doctor said treatment was going fine but despite all this, we can never forget that moment in the coffee shop. Then the trip to Dream World and the souvenir with picture of my daughter on it; and then at the Bangkok airport, the sight of my daughter with ice cream all on her face makes me nostalgic. Who says that Thailand is not a family vacation spot; it all depends on you!

S Waqas

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