Dotty the Dolphin

Dear diary,

Today, I stepped into an ice cold lagoon and made a forever friend. Dotty, the mischievous bottle-nosed dolphin, may have cost a fortune to meet but she was worth every penny. In true dolphin style, she made her first appearance with a splash.

Spotting the fish we held out in our hands, she soon had them gobbled and gone and there was no heart in the lagoon that didn't melt when she planted a special kiss on everyone's cheek. Though my hands and feet were chilly and chattered from the cold, Dotty kept us in suspense for at least 30 minutes. She showed off with a number of tricks and lay on her back for a tickle. Nothing could have prepared me for the love and care these dolphin's give.

As I tread water and waited for Dotty to come and save me from the deepest part of the lagoon, I wondered how anyone could want to hurt these kind-spirited animals. I might have been only one of a million people to have come and to play with Dotty at Discovery Cove Orlando, but she is one friend that I will always remember with a smile.

Dotty does not care what you look like or where you come from. She will play joyfully with all who come to see her. Dotty wants to be friends with anyone and every-one. If only the fisherman that injure and kill so many of Dotty's brothers and sisters could see how harmless and beautiful she is. If only the humans that pollute the ocean's that this lovely species live in could see the damage they are doing.

When I first arrived in Orlando Florida, I expected to be dazzled by Disney characters, fireworks and fun-thrilling rides. Little did I know that an 8 foot long dolphin named Dotty would make me forget about the magic created by Walt Disney and remember how cruel reality can be because Dotty was one of the lucky ones. She was given a new and happy home after she was rescued from the wild. But tonight I will pray for the thousands of others that weren't.

K Loom

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