A breath-taking Amazon Experience

My passion for travel and my love for new things, saw me take a big step in my life, when I started to live life to the full. To take each day as it comes and to experience life to the max!
November 2nd 2010 I left England to travel around South America in search of new adventures. I wanted to try out new things, and should I say dare to be different. Travel has always been something I've enjoyed, and most trips taken until now was family holidays laying by the pool trying to get a good tan, but now I'm a backpacker on a budget! One of my most memorable experiences so far, something I never thought I'd ever do, nor see was to go into the Amazon! A jungle like you've never seen before. A dence canopy hiding a range of terrains and, incredible diverity of magnificent birds, mammals and reptiles. A place that has its own climate and eco-system, where it rains on average 200 days a year. We only spent a few days in this unique beauty, that was the Amazon. We started our adventure in El Puente, 50km south of the Colombian border in north east Ecuador. Under the bridge is the river Cuyabeno, lining the shore are canoe boats waiting to transport you to the amazing lodge that was to be our home for the next few days. The 2 hour trip down river allows you to soak up your new surroundings. Beautiful coloured birds rest on the shore, while the monkeys play in the trees over hanging the narrow river.
A decked pathway leads you from the shore into camp. Wooden cabins raised from the decking, each with there own bathroom and running hot water. A large dining room with your very own cook, who provided outstanding 3 course meals. Once the sun had set over this incredible location, we spent our evenings sharing experiences and stories with other travellers in candle light. The jungle comes alive at night, it becomes the animals playground, so before blowing out our candle each night, we'd checked for any un-wanted visitors wihtin our cabin!
We enjoyed night walks where our extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide showed us how the jungle has its own eco-system, how animals protect themselves using nature and their surroundings. We went in search of Caimans and Anaconda's before catching a few Piranha's the indigenous way! Every night we'd watch the colourful sunset fill every ripple of Lake Grande before treating ourseleves to a warm dip in the shallow water. An experience I will treasure for a life time.
I learnt so much during my short stay. The staff at the reserve are very passionate and fully dedicated to their job, which helps you to enjoy the experience even more. An adventure I will never forgot, and will be telling people for years to come!

E Rozak

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