A Place To Be

South Africa was my dream tour destination and when an opportunity to visit one of its luxurious five star resorts presented itself, I couldn’t wait. The first step to ‘Upmarket Realtors’- as it was known, and situated in cape town, a week later, confirmed a revelation of a state of the art vicinity designed to maximize space and project its entire image .Beautiful shelters with neatly manicured lawns and hedges that dotted the landscape radiated with architectural ingenuity and style. The well laid grass on the ground, the small thatched huts beneath and the assortment of trees out and within said it all-this was not just a place to be, it was a place to stay.However,as things slowly unfolded ,it occurred that this was just but a taste;a lot still lay in store.

A walk into the main dining room was enough to convince one that this was no-ordinary place. The goldfish and spotted carp which played inside their bubbling microcosm of coral ,rocks and faux
sea-weed created a relaxed ambiance for the guests ,if not for the natives too.The hallmark colours within included black ,red and blue and these were aptly represented all over the place. Bold choice of hues was selected for the walls ,including state grey as a neutral background tone ,juxtaposed with the ‘Zulu’ red and black.Splashes of contrasting colours could further be seen in the modern art print of waves, which were displayed in canvas triads; one in fiery tones.To this point, I could not help but marvel. A progressive, go-getter attitude was reflected in the unusual rectangular tables, in plush mahogany wood and the black leather chairs. My eyes straying aimlessly around were met with a dazzling wall-to-ceiling aquarium which provided aquatic sounds as well as a colorful diversion.

Who said a place with its own outstanding unique calibre could be disappointing when it came to meals? Reality struck later when we were summoned for lunch, which too turned out to be a main event. At that juncture, chefs were putting final touches to a well laid out buffet as we reached for the plates. At one corner of the buffet table were all manner of enticing pastries, ice creams and cakes. This also happened to be the ladies’ choice corner.The other was much of a surprise since it was completely that of ostrich affair.One could have ostich fillet,wih garlic butter and mushroom or pepper sauce;an ostrich streak roll with onion rings, salad or cheese ;ostrich burger and French fries or simply an ostrich platter from an onspot smoldering barbeque. You will in a way agree with me that before I had ago I was full with saliva. I tried the ostrich fillet and mind you , I found it remarkably tasty and tender .But, apart from all those ostrich offerings that had taken the limelight, one could go for beef, chicken, goat or fish-or snacks of hotdogs and fishfingers.The array of desserts that included traditional cakes, exotic pastries and fresh fruits could not keep me waiting. The pastries accompanied with apple strudel and bakewell puddings were crunchy just like caramelized nuts. With such lavish treatment, how then could I avoid being pot-bellied?

Later, the night had me sleep in one of the most beautiful bedrooms I had ever visited in my entire life. The room went flashy with bright colours that in a way spruced up the entire place. The comfy and luxurious looking bed ahead of me was more inviting with high quality fabric that almost enticed me into sinking in. Fringing tassels and appliqué added a fillip to the simple cushion that covered the pillows. Feeling high with desire to finally have my body rest, I calmly reached for the lights, put them off and within minutes I had drifted to slumber. For sure, I had something to tell back home. I still
had a few days left but all in all this had been a breathtaking experience. A memorable travel encounter it really was!

L Socrates

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