The Paradise of Insects

I flew to Amazon jungle 6 times in total. At the second trip, I finally met an Indio, Amazon indigenous, who was born in deep jungle. At my first meeting with him in the suburb of Manaus, I felt wind blowing from jungle and vivid life energy from him, who had dark skin with sharp eyes. I thought, “He is real”.

His name was Alex. He took me to his home village of Tucano tribe, which was near the border of Brazil and Columbia. Jungle had no tap water, electricity, gas, toilet, and other conveniences, which are so-called “modern civilization”. However, Amazon had everything such as food to eat and river to take a bath. It was paradise as long as we have the knowledge of jungle.

For a pee, it was unavoidable to go into the bush. I needed courage at first, but once I get used to it, it was the moment to feel being one with nature! Swimming in the river was the most refreshing time. In the village of Tucano Indio, I had my favorite spot near the fall. The water was enough shallow for me to lay down on the riverbed, feeling water splashing all over my body, hearing songs of birds surrounded by lush green. I was so happy living each moment and cells of my whole body were opened and breathing with joy!

One morning, I went to the spot as usual. I took off my sandals and stepped on the big rock. Then, strong pain hit my heel!! I had never experienced such kind of pain before. I knew small thing started to swell at my heel recently and I had a bad feeling but kept ignoring, but I had to face it. I ran up to the hill and reached a big house, Marocca, where I was staying. I told Alex about it. He saw it and told calmly, “Oh, an insect laid an egg in your foot”. “What?!” I did not want to believe I just heard. He said, “Let’s take it out later.” I did not want to hold eggs of insect in my body even for a second, so I asked him eagerly, “Please take it out now!”

He reluctantly went to pick up some sharp leaves. I sat on a wooden chair and he did an operation. He was so quick to make a hole at my heel and took the eggs out! Sharp pain hit me and I screamed. I saw the leaves were piecing 2 white eggs!! I saw deep hole in my heel! They laid 2 eggs deep inside of my heel!! Alex put those eggs on the branches at high place in the tree. I am so relieved that they were taken out before they started to grow in my body.

It was one of the most disgusting and unforgettable experiences in the Paradise of Insects in Amazon jungle.

Y Obama

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