The Cornish Coastal Path

I've always liked a bit of a challenge so instead of spending two weeks in the sun eating, drinking and lazing around i decided to take three weeks off in august and walk the cornish coast; a distance of 270 miles, starting at welcome, a little village ten miles north of bude and finishing at plymouth.

After my brother had been rescued by the brixham lifeboat the previous year i had thought it a good idea to raise a few pounds for the RNLI; and at the same time enjoy the pleasures of walking. I didn't realise how hard it was going to be. The weather was attrocious; we walked in rain, set up camp in rain,and packed up in the rain. Added to the fact i was walking in trainers for a reason i still can't explain to this day and living on a diet of sausage in the basket it was a miracle we managed to achieve our goal. Did i say we was organised? Every night we would reach our destination just as the pub opened hence the sausage in the basket but more than this, with the beer tasting so good and the added wonder of rest and comfort we couldn't move, so by the time we left the inn it was too far to walk to a camp site, This happened most nights although we did have the occasional help off a local who let us camp in their garden or field.

Even though it was tough going, the daily sight of the sea was inspiring, the waves crashing onto the rocks, the changing skies, such wonderful views made it all worthwhile.

I had enjoyed a wonderful days walk from port isacc to padstow, firstly the rugged coastline then a long trek along a beach and onto a boat across the estuary; it was only about 8 mile so we decided
to carry on around pentire point. A gap had opened up between us all and i was at the back heading out on this peninsular. My friends had turned the corner when i suddenly thought i could miss the end off , cut across and save a bit of time, it wasn't cheating really was it?I did take the short cut and suddenly, from a calm gentle breeze and the sun shining i walked into a powerful wind and a gloious view of the rough sea stretching out for miles, I stopped, held out my arms and embraced the beauty of the moment and the love of nature.

What a special time that was for me. All the hardship we suffered on that wonderful journey was so worthwhile for the money we raised, for the achievment of finishing the walk and for that moment of magic.

G Walker

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