Thank God For God!

I used to take very long holidays. A year and a half was the longest one. Mind you I found work along the way; at least I usually did. October 2001, North of Geneva, homeless, penniless, depressed but still moving!

I had headed north towards France looking for harvest employment, building work, any work really. I walked. I hitched. I finally laid my tired body down on a grass verge. The sun was shining and I had the consolation of real warmth upon my back.

I had done it again. I had left England with a pocket full of change to a personally unknown destination with no welcoming bed for the night, no instant cash-in-hand employment, no instant friends and no real confidence in a fruitful lifestyle. Still, it was my choice. I just found it even harder to do the 9 to 5 back in the UK. This, seemingly, was the better option!

I lay on the grass. I am there right now! I can feel the sun. I can see the road, the houses behind me, the road sign in front of me. Oh how bad I felt!

I pushed myself up and knelt. I gently put my hands together as I had done on so many travel escapades. I still do it now. ‘Please God’, I whispered. ‘Please God can you help me? Please can I have a log cabin to live in. Please can it be up in the mountains. Amongst forests. Total silence. No other houses around. A stream. Green grass everywhere. Please God can you help me be at peace? Thank you’. I picked myself up, walked to the road and waited.

Two minutes was it? A car drove towards me and I put out the old hitching thumb. The driver stopped, we spoke a bit, I got in and we headed off towards the mountains. We spoke French. He was about my age, thirty five thirty six and was heading home from work. We exchanged basic information as you do, got on quite well and then he dropped the ‘bomb shell’, sorry, not the ‘bomb shell’, he dropped gold dust from heaven!

Would you like to stay in my log cabin he said? It’s way up in the mountains. Trees and greenery everywhere. There is a beautiful stream. There are no other houses around. It‘s totally silent. You can stay as long as you want?

Yes, I said. Yes I would, thank you very very much. I stayed for 5 days. I felt loved, protected and a great deal happier. My spirits were restored. The greenery soothed my nerves. The water calmed my mind. The cabin gave me back my security.

It is moments like this that give you the confidence to keep going. I thank a God. Instant manifestation. Superb. Thank you God.

S Owens

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